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The Odd Coincidences #19006 13/12/20 6:16 PM
Joined: Apr 2020
Posts: 36
chasm Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Apr 2020
Posts: 36
hey all, it's chasm here. i know i havent posted in a while, partially because i wound up trying to find other forums (which, if you know of any other alien discussion forums, i'd love to check it out and get more perspectives) but also because i got busy with depression and juggling my motivation to create. that's not extremely relevant, but it is to an extent for this story.

also, please excuse the disorganized thoughts, i'm very excited to tell you all about this despite the lack of concrete facts to back me up.

this month, and a little before that i think, has been interesting for me. it's been full of tiny coincidences that makes me feel on a cosmic level, some kind of breakthrough is about to happen.

i know it sounds crazy, i know it sounds nonsensical. i criticize myself in a logical lens frequently when it comes to this sort of stuff.

these first two points i discovered through the default news app on my phone, when i received notifications of these articles or when i went to check the headlines for the day. the time frame is kind of hazy, bear in mind that i struggle with depression and that it does have an impact on memory loss and time blindness- both of which have been affected by quarantining. i'm also using up the last of my energy for the day since sunrise is in about a couple hours for me.

so it first started when i caught wind of 2020 SO Neo about to come into orbit and become a guest in our atmosphere. immediately i was speculating; it could be a comet, perhaps even an intelligent visitor, and i also did consider the already existing theory that it's the rocket booster from a failed 60's moon probe (or something to that effect). but i had a feeling, it was the beginning.

then i find out about those monoliths started popping up. i have a heavy feeling that they're just hoaxes, but i'm counting it in as it's still quite clearly a mysterious phenomenon. i find it strange at most, but nothing alien; though the fact it may have been inspired by aliens is a factor that i haven't gotten to think much about yet.

this next one is a bit cheesy, but the next point was the coincidence of this happening and suddenly aliens are on my mind. please know; i don't talk about this interest with people i'm just acquainted with. the relevancy of this is that i hadn't posted any of my musings to a public account, nowhere that a new friend of mine could see. they don't know that i do vague forms of research on aliens or ufos in my spare time.

so, what does that have to do with anything? well, we only started talking because we have a shared interest of star trek, but specifically the character spock. after those first two points have occurred- and i am in full belief that they don't know about any of this or pay attention to it since it's kinda niche and not something everyone actively goes seeking- they tell me about leonard nimoy's spock album. specifically, they link me the song 'you are not alone'.

sounds like super cheesy coincidences right? like, star trek of all things? you've got to be kidding me. i admit, the song is lovely and it's worth a listen. if i can get personal; it made me cry because it made me feel something i can't quite describe. not being seen, not fear because of the coincidence of that specific song title becoming relevant in my thoughts and interests. rather, some form of hope, i think.

i mulled over the song, listening to it and daydreaming of what mr. nimoy was singing (may his memory be a blessing) while a feeling of cosmic curiosity begins to grow in my mind.

and then the arecibo telescope, aka the monument we used at our first attempt at communicating with aliens, collapsed. i was a little upset, but this is when i started to piece together these coincidences may be linked. the arecibo telescope, in my opinion, is historic; it's the largest radio we have on the planet capable of sending signals far beyond normal radios and in the 50's or 60's (i forget) it was used to send out a message of humanity's accomplishments in the hopeful anticipation that we would receive a message back from somewhere outside our solar system.

we never did get a message back... and now that it's broken, i have no idea if it's the end of an era.

but let's move along. about 10-20 minutes ago i got off of a call with my friend who just came home from stargazing in the desert where he told me about a possible alien encounter. he said that he and his brother saw a single orb in the sky, and that they communicated with the UFO. his brother signaled S.O.S in morse with his phone flashlight (neither of us know why he did that) and about 10 seconds after, they saw what appeared to be two comets.

they repeated the signal again, and again about 10 seconds after, a bright comet went down the middle of the sky. my friend tells me the way they moved were unnatural. he also drew something super quick to demonstrate.

[Linked Image from]

i don't know about any of you, but i have a strange feeling that something is gonna happen.

i should also mention, that the former space chief of israel has confirmed the existence of aliens but i'm not counting that as a trustworthy source as israel is factually an apartheid state and does put out fake news- but i'll count this into the weird coincidence pile only for the fact that aliens are mentioned and i'm not taking his words as evidence.

what do you guys think? is this the ramblings of a depressed psuedo insomniac, or is anyone else feeling the cosmic curiosity?

he/him or they/them. call me chasm. pics or it didn't happen.
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Re: The Odd Coincidences [Re: chasm] #19007 13/12/20 6:30 PM
Joined: Apr 2020
Posts: 36
chasm Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Apr 2020
Posts: 36
i want to believe that they're kind and curious, i'm of the belief we should welcome visitors and treat them with respect and non-hostility. yet, i've only read about peoples traumatizing or weirdly cult-like experiences- i wonder; is there room for compassion in our infrequent visitors? i like to think so.

he/him or they/them. call me chasm. pics or it didn't happen.
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Re: The Odd Coincidences [Re: chasm] #19056 23/12/20 2:24 PM
Joined: Apr 2020
Posts: 36
chasm Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Apr 2020
Posts: 36
so, there happened to be a signal from the direction of proxima centauri and im adding that to my list of alien related myseries / coincidences that have happened recently. am i reading too much into these coincidences; or are we close to something?

he/him or they/them. call me chasm. pics or it didn't happen.
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