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Finale #1797
Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:09 AM
Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:09 AM
Joined: Jul 2018
Posts: 1
Mywordismyhonor Offline OP
Mywordismyhonor  Offline OP
Joined: Jul 2018
Posts: 1
Hi, i'm 38 years old and only just had visions, which i believe are memories from a life before earth. I have strong visions of working secretly on the Giza pyramid whilst the Alien Soldiers who built it slept, adding to the pyramid secret shafts well below the pyramid that lead all the way to the Iron surrounding the earths core, I specifically remember having to beat the rest of the soldiers to work one morning, to conceal the secret passage I used to create the shafts. The shafts I created were to provide a conductor from the earths core to the Obelisk and it is below the Giza pyramid. It has never been activated, but has counter weights using another shaft to open the bottom gates/doors. Once done it will flood 2 of the shafts with Iron and conduct massive heat from the earths core. I also specifically remember never looking up at the stars while on earth, even when they were inviting me to look at a comet, because it would give away my identity, I remember avoiding suspicion by complaining about the work not getting done in time and continued to work. I was helping the Alien soldiers build the Pyramid because I wanted it built too, I believe and have memories that I'm from Sirius B,and my Father of Sirius B was in power, but a politician rose against him, using lies to obtain power there, and they imprisoned both of my parents from there, I was only young at the time, so I left before they killed me, I came to earth and worked with the soldiers to build the Giza Pyramid, without them knowing who I was. I specifically remember pushing a block of stone forward to cover my passage way when I beat them to work that morning, I've never been to the Pyramid, but I was pushing it forward and there was opening on my left, I pushed it to a dead end, that was going to be done anyways, but I did it before being asked to, to conceal my passage way. I remember that on the way back from Earth after building the Giza Pyramid, the spaceship stopped for one to get out in a spacesuit(brown) and use a laser to etch the Nazca (blueprint Lines). He asked me for some measurements while doing so. Without hesitation [beep] soon as we could not turn around, because of fuel reasons, I exited the spaceship plunging to a death on earth. I believe that mind rises when you die, but if you think of nothing, you can also fall. My mind fell to earth and and was directed to a couple about to have their regular sex. I entered the room, and seen my father here with the quilts off about to engage with my mum, so my mind fell to inside the eye of his erected penis, and waited for the sperm to carry my mind through to the egg and dreamed alot for 9 months to be born perfectly human. I was very poor at sports as a child and average intelligence, so I dont claim to be anything above other humans. Now at the age of 38, I now get these memories that I cant deny, I know a certain location mentioned in The Ancient Alien Civilizations, that I specifically remember to have a massive Crystal (Quartz) naturally buried over from a disaster. no one else knows its location anywhere, but I will not reveal it unless I'm confident it will be secured and protected. Just in November 2017, scientists discovered that crystals hold massive amounts of data, and it has even been said that it can work like a video camera, always recording what comes into contact with it. I remember seeing the crystal fall there from Sirius B, before I fled to earth, it fell during some of earths formation, I dont believe it was seen by anyone else. That is why I came to earth, to get that crystal that holds the truth, as it was in viewing when the political scandal happened that proves my parents in Sirius B did not do what they were convicted of. I believe that the Giza Pyramid was built for a communication structure, not a power one, however, I believe that the Pyramid of Giza is connected with surrounding structures, and power can be drawn from the Obelisk. The purple Stone on top of the Giza Pyramid, I have memories that I put it there, to cover a hole that I had done, that leads to other undiscovered voids. When I was questioned about placing a purple stone there from the Soldiers, It was a very lucky coincidence that it is also a very significant location, and I explained that I will leave a different colored stone there to show its location. I was very lucky that they didn't get suspicious. The hole leading to a void inside the Pyramid, is because, like the depictions on other ancient structures ( the light bulb wasn't invented at the time of the giza Pyramid was built), so It was depicted on other ancient structures that a massive light bulb ( possible L.E.D technology or better) inside a Pyramid, and with the hole to the top of the Giza Pyramid, it will become an massive laser light, that we can send Morse code messages to other galaxies, based on its perfect location of longitude and latitude, and I we dig the Crystal Im talking about up, and place it on top, where the purple stone (weather cap) is, it will beam a laser light through the Crystal, and being on the exact opposite side of the earth, also with perfect longitude and latitude position is stone henge, which I believe was built to house a massive receiver dish, also the technology for a receiver dish wasn't available at the time Stone Henge was built either. With a laser light beaming through the crystal, other habitual planets can decipher it, that will reveal the political truths to all galaxies, being that it could stop all wars. I have a rough sketch of the rest of the pyramids voids and shafts, that have not been discovered, also I have some of the light bulb depictions that are found on the other ancient structures at my Patreon website, I'll include a link to it for you to see what Im talking about. I will leave you with this one question to ask yourself, why would Aliens come and build structures, and pass on technology without leaving a way to communicate?

Patreon website link for my pictures, and youtube videos

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Re: Finale [Re: Mywordismyhonor] #1799
Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:46 AM
Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:46 AM
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 1,886
Xeno Offline

Just a guy
Xeno  Offline

Just a guy
Vice Admiral
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 1,886
I believe in past life so I believe you and it is really interesting what you are saying here?

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow
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