Hello everyone my name is Corey. I am hearing impaired with a hearing aid and cochlear implant, and I am actually really big into UFOs and Aliens. Recently a couple of days ago I started a YouTube channel called "It's an Alien!" Which is a place where I upload UFO videos and Stories. I normally repost videos from MUFON's page, but I of course give credit to MUFON and the uploader. I have one video on my channel, that was filmed by a witness and he gave me his video to put on his channel. I am trying to be a voice for those who have a UFO video, and might've put it onto MUFON's page but it didn't get any justice, so I try to put it on my YouTube channel for those that aren't very good with YouTube or any other kind of vendors. Right now I live in New Hampshire, and lived it all my life. I really never felt comfortable in the state. I am actually hoping to move to Arizona where I can camp out, and watch the night sky down there in a tent. Camping is better in Arizona from what I heard. UFOs and Aliens have always given me some sort of excitement, and the thought of seeing one fascinates me. But I really enjoy seeing other people's videos. I often times fine them very fascinating. If you like to email me a video I really would appreciate that! I am really trying to be a voice for those who haven't really received justice for their UFO video. My email is [email protected] I hope to hear from someone. Thank you!