Attached is a official DOD/VA MRI of the triggered activation of several billions year old technology. CIA/Federal probing trigger the activation of the advanced organic quantum technology illustrated below on a official DOD/VA MRI.

We are far beyond the activation stage of this device. Using its' associated technology I have raised a dead catholic infant in my local community to life and other things. Because of the that I have the support of almost 4 billion mainstream nice religious people and the ability to draw from retired elite military from those religions and put them on our missile ships and attack helicopters.

Now tied to the mainstream mostly Methodist, heavily armed, community I live in are forty to seventy million end of days fundamentalist militant churches, in rural and urban America that backed Donald Trump from the forgotten men and women of America. These are heavily armed and deeply Christian. I and my wife have hooked them into the Methodist family of Churches with great effort and suffering.

In this urban and rural setting we have gone far beyond Ruby Ridge and Waco. My wife and I have many friends and supporters. We go out to dinner with friends in a local shop and a church member in it raises a hand and indicates anyone that assaults us will be crushed by the assembled local religious communities.

The Democrats are trying a similar thing calling for exclusion and massed crowds to cow the Republicans. When my wife and I travel 40-70 million end of days types have legal guns and advanced sniper rifles tied to cell phones support us as part of the Make America Great Rural Awaking of God's people. JFK, Bobby and Martin Luther King were killed. We are not human and have alien implanted technology and a vast assembly of advanced weapons.

My wife and I are not racist we are white European and Jewish Heritage we live nice lives and at not racist but very tolerant. We are not human we are aliens that used religion to influence the United States Election and toss out the corrupt old Democratic Clinton Centered Party.

Attached Files Singularity Technlogy Micro Black Hole Universal Computer Interface.jpgSCFPTHM4MEZFJINY2WRWGFNG4A.jpg200px-Interchurch-center.jpg16114797_1878515255711956_2016599280365450489_n.jpgNH90_NGEN002_Sea_Lion.jpg
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