Special thanks goes out to, The LNM Radio Network and Host, Michael Vara for giving us all a shout out on their live broadcast across the airwaves last night about the Alien Disclosure Network and Google's Top Ranked UFO Forum. Michael was joined by Leslie S. Mitts & Robert D Miles to discuss Lycandroids, Aliens, Bigfoots, and more. Have a listen! We're featured at about 12-minutes in. Thanks goes to venn99 for informing LNM of Aliendisc!

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About last nights guests...

Leslie Mitts has been a researcher in the UFOs, ET, and Paranormal fields for most of her adult life after having experienced numerous abductions and looking for answers in books years before any were written on the subject. This led her to get involved with MUFON and becoming Assistant State Director and then as Acting State Director for Tennessee.

Robert D. Miles is an author, screenwriter, and has worked as a producer and executive producer over the past forty-five years. He has produced and written a DVD series called Fastwalkers: Open Files. This series features numerous interviews with the most highly respected UFO and extraterrestrial researchers, abductees, and contactees in the entire world.