Years ago I was infiltrating CIA by being hired by a private company that was using a videogame to develop and experiment psychotronic technologies. Typically it was a psychological experimental brainwash game platform. The project was the game Face of Mankind and it has been used by alot of important people within the years it was online, mainly as a secret communication platform. Who would think they were in a video game for secret business?

Well the project was shut down a year after we sabotaged it in automn 2014. The USA were trying to deploy psychotronic technologies or electromagnetic weapons worldwide on planet Earth to take control of people mind all around other countries. The funniest with that is that the brainwashed people went so addicted to it and brainwashed that they kept the project going by themselves. So now this experimentation is handled by the test subject it is really fun but most of them doesn't even know they have been completely brainwashed by CIA. The new game if you are interested to meet some aliens, reptilians or people from secret society is
Mankind: Reborn

If you want to be initiated to some crazy stuff and hear [beep] up story there you should be going since even any low level can be recruited and hear some dark stories. But be careful those people that are doing that game has been victim by the modern version of project Mk ultra and if you are not carefull you can make yourself powerful and rich enemy... Just go there and have fun with us me and my friends from all around the known universe are planning to go play so who know? Maybe making a friend there will give you a ticket for a ride to another galaxy or maybe even another dimension ;)

siren Be careful and do not play the boss with them siren

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow