When we say, registration is not required and is anonymous, we mean it. At Aliendisc, we do not see or keep record of Anonymous users IP address when an Anonymous user makes a new post. This is an important principle we hold true on. With the threat of Internet neutrality and privacy rights being torn apart by our governments and the all-seeing eye that is the warrantless surveillance state that we live in, anonymous posting is a key feature we'll hold onto for as long as possible. In return, we expect that anonymous users use the feature without abuse. The feature is a beacon for whistleblowers and privacy advocates.

Security You Can Trust

The site and your connection to us is protected by a world-class SSL certificate by Comodo. This is backed by a $10,000 warranty, which pretty much guarantees the information you send or receive from your computer on our site is private. However, let's be completely honest, the surveillance state has the capacity and power to collect all streams of data in this day and age.

If a breach were to ever happen or if we're ever served with a court order to surrender any available user records (which we highly doubt will ever happen but we'll just put it out here in print anyways), we will provide advance notification of such actions within the law and we'll defend such information to the fullest extent of the law.

At Aliendisc, our users security and privacy is our number one priority. We value the information that exposes corruption in this world and shining a light upon the acts of disclosure pertaining to extraterrestrials and advanced technologies that could better our civilization and understanding of the universe.

Coming in the near future

Corporate/Bank level 2048-bit SSL Certificate with $1,500,000 warranty.

If you have any feedback or suggestions about how our practices can be improved further, please email us directly at contact[at]aliendisc.net --or-- send a private message and we'll look into your feedback and suggestions for consideration.

The Aliendisc Team