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Hi! I've seen Aliens... #14810 19/11/05 1:09 AM
Joined: Nov 2019
Posts: 19
Mya Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Nov 2019
Posts: 19
Hello! I finally took the courage to make an account and not be a lurker for more than a year... I actually found Alien disc after having some ET experiences. I'm going to be as honest as I can without judgment. So basically I'm known to astral project ( I hadn't known until I met with a psychic and told me what was going on through my dreams). She said I meet dead people and aliens and spirits etc. I never really thought of it I was only 16. I am older now ( I will also try to stay anonymous as possible) and I will tell you some stories. One alien I saw and remember were tall green/blue bird-like creatures. Their faces were a mix of a human and a bird (really round eyes and a triangle-like beak). they had strange clothing it looked kinda royal in a way. I remember them coming to me and trying to talk to me but their language was strange. the place I was in was inside a ship? it was really red in color. Although I could kind of understand, I think they meant to tell me why I was on earth and it had to do something around the words of "punishment" or "learning a lesson". Also, this aliens had a "strict teacher" vibe. Kinda like "We care about you but we won't sugarcoat it" They didn't want to hurt me whatsoever. Also, before the dream ended, the bird man told me to remember a phrase/name although I vaguely remember. Well, after searching through the internet, I did manage to find the blue avian that looks kinda like them? But with clothing and more roundish eyes (very chicken like eyes too) Did I mention how tall they were? More than 6 feet for sure. Another thing that confused me was that the blue avian travels in a blue sphere however the ones I saw were inside a red-lit ship (the ship inside was bright red). So I'm not sure.

Okay, here goes the other one (my favorite experience).

This was a sequence of dreams and it had to do with this one gray alien. I for some reason don't have the perfect memory (it's so foggy when I try to remember but when I would dream of him I would draw him and his features to not forget him)
Actually, this sequence of dreams, I never told anyone about it (by anyone I mean my friends as I would usually tell them my astral projection and what I saw in them)

The reason behind it is really really embarrassing and not even the internet can explain this :/ but basically this dreams showed a gray being around my house, watching me, while also getting loving vibes? as in "I really love you and I want to be with you". I remember feeling watched but in a good way, not in a haunting way. It was so so strange but hey, I actually appreciated it! He obviously didn't mean any harm to me.

One very very vivid dream(astral projection, whatever!) I woke up in the middle of the night. I felt like someone was calling me, so I went downstairs and saw light coming from outside. I go outside and again, I see him, the alien! However he came with his other friends. This time, however, I could really see his features of his face and wow I was really shocked. To be honest I was never interested in aliens, much less the much cliche ones but Wow! They look so different yet I could see why they were famous? Their eyes were spot on like mainstream media, big, black and shiny. However, I do think their eyes are a little less big than usually portrayed. Also their skin color and their strong cheekbones. their skin color actually in my opinion resembles closely like peach colored skin except gray-tified. if that makes sense? It's not completely gray But I am sure you may know about that. Also, having your brain receive thoughts from another being (aka , telepathy) is so crazy!!!!!! It feels pleasant and nice and he clearly meant no judgement or harm. I remember expressing his love to me through telepathy and i felt so much love. I remember his smile as well, which is also something I wish I could see if others had similar experience. I remember him telling me to follow him to the backyard and looking up, I see some ships and then one shiny ship? to which then I, in a milli-second, get transported to space. So fast and so quick I can't describe it well, but there I was in space and I see this ship? It looked like holographic waves (hence, my username lol) like a flag waving with tons of colors reflecting. I do not know what it was, perhaps it wasn't even a ship to begin with but I just assumed that. either way, I get closer and closer to it to which I find out I can't get inside the waves. My eyes were SO close to the waves it felt like they were touching my eyes, again it felt pleasant, no harm. As those waves moved and moved, I slowly woke up. which was a HUGE shame because I truly wanted to be with them forever.

Anyways back to how they look. The first time glance, I thought he looked creepy but then I began to see how natural they really look? I hope that makes sense! Almost cute too. It feels like being with a human except well different body proportions and they use telepathy. Of course, they are small (lower than 5ft). their mouths are like slits so basically like any other mainstream media but I also want to say that they do have noses, they are just really really flat. It kind of reminds me of asian noses? Not to be rude as well lol. but smaller and flatter.

Another thing I want to say is that I really wish I remember more of what he said. I think the shock of telepathy also made me forget (except the fact that he expressed love emotions and friendliness). I also want to say that they seem to be like very curious creatures, I cant remember whether I got that through their telepathy or just by seeing how they act.

ANOTHER thing I want to say is I'm curious why so many stories about this grays are usually negative, mostly about experiments and fear-inducing moments while my experience was the complete opposite? I thought to myself, "well perhaps they are just a different kind of grays?" I don't know. But please! Thank you for reading! Please ask questions Perhaps I forgot to say some details.

Just Waiting for Him
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Re: Hi! I've seen Aliens... [Re: Mya] #14811 19/11/05 7:23 AM
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 4,370
Xeno Offline
Head Mod
Head Mod
Joined: Apr 2018
Posts: 4,370
The "grays" are known for the unconditional love they have recorded and they love to share it with people.

I remember feeling their love smile

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow
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Re: Hi! I've seen Aliens... [Re: Xeno] #14813 19/11/05 3:12 PM
Joined: Nov 2019
Posts: 19
Mya Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Nov 2019
Posts: 19
I see!!! Can I see some sources or stories? I really want to see more similar experiences.

Just Waiting for Him
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