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Perhaps final proof #14615 19/10/21 4:39 PM
Joined: Feb 2018
Posts: 1,068
frankalexanderbe Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Feb 2018
Posts: 1,068
I was burning the midnight lamp again and thinking about the universe, it`s sort of already obvious that the universe is infinite since it can`t just have walls, but what about where everything comes from, is it just as clear that everything comes from nothing also? It probably comes from nothing since it exists, but I was thinking further because I was already talking about how energy can do movement without energy as a start, I mean, every process here on our planet have to have energy to do movement, but the problem then in space is how did energy appear if everything have to have energy to move? Exactly, we can probably state that not everything have to have energy to do movement to start with and another thing is that, is energy a sort of a life form since it came from nothing? I mean, if everything is energy and energy itself came from nothing, can we then state that energy itself is intelligent since it moves without a beginning and without needing energy to move? My reasoning is that let`s say life itself came from proteins created in warm water and formed life and a will from the suns eneergy and pushing movement so bonds were created by the pushing force itself, is energy itself intelligent since it does all this?

People say energy is sort of nothing, just light and without a color, but the problem with this statement is when you look at a candle for example, you can both see and feel it … one of my earlier theories also and on a little side-note is that matter is also just energy, so how can it be nothing itself? Exactly, when energy cools down in empty space it forms solid matter that vibrate at a certain frequenzy based on how much energy it allow itself to be feeded by the sun … what`s your take on these subjects people?

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Re: Perhaps final proof [Re: frankalexanderbe] #14629 19/10/25 3:45 AM
Joined: Sep 2019
Posts: 44
DiscipleDave Offline
Joined: Sep 2019
Posts: 44
The energy that you are referring to is what i call God the Father. Who is everywhere and is a living entity which we refer to as the Universe. Before anything was ever created in the Universe there were two things present. "Darkness" and "Coldness". God the Father became self aware of it's existence, and used said energy to create a living entity. a physical being. The first Alpha Race Being, the First Begotten of the Father, the first physical matter in the universe. The Father gave Him a name, and called Him "Jesus". This physical being then created the Universe and all the inhabitants of the universe, that would Love One Another. For the essence of God the Father is LOVE. Each being that Jesus created, He took a tiny part of the essence of the Father, to create the Alpha Race, and because they live by and through the essence, they are immortal. Please read the article in the following link to hear the whole story about what actually happened, that it became apparent that humans needed to be created.

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