Earlier I was walking around holding my son, my one year old kid. He is so sweet, innocent and almost untouched. Then I was thinking of the internet dirt and I was really worried. I was thinking of my kid growing up being influenced by it, slowly over time.

There is a part of my activities here that are about protecting users against some sort of content. There is no registration required for the access of the public content here. No age verification...

We have to think about the risk here which is that a 8 years old kid could find themselves to read here. No registration is required for the service provided. And anonymous feature is a core base. I have absolutely no control over who is reading and their age.

Also, some older people are looking for beliefs and or something to follow. Some people can read and find themselves doing irreversible actions. Such as committing suicide after reading to do so. Many people won't understand that to keep this vision in place, the anonymous disclosure service, a minimum of guideline must apply.

code of conduct

I believe our content here will be online a really long time so anyone of any age or with any condition could in the next 15 years read something written yesterday or two years ago. With the impact it will have in its present.

I don't want my son to grow up having a dad involved in a negative, toxic or dirty community. Neither do I want to take risk that my son develop interest for what I do and then read some [beep] to influence is well being. As a dad I am worried...

So if I can't have any control on who can read...

What to do?

Well I have power over the writer. We all have this power! I can reply for orientation of the conversations. I can share to influence. I can speak my mind and post my opinion. I can just even try to be simpler and be honest to just say that I dislike something. But that does not always work right away. Many people would just never accept our guidelines.

We want to build a fun safe and clean environment to share about the subject. I'm looking for respectful and peaceful conversations. No name calling or insults. No bullies nor trasher. We want a community that can handle divergence and differences.

No one need to hurt to disagree with another one opinions.

No one need to insult to disprove a content.

I will have to think of a new approach to a specific type of users. I'm a bit bummed out...

I have an unshaped idea to work on though!

Anything here can survive in time and be read in the future so when the content is toxic; an intervention must occur...

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow