The bible speaks of a time of mass animal die offs, evil disappearing (changing into light beings), heaven on Earth happening, and a challenge period of 5 years until its over

In the past years, mental illness was at 1/4, many mass animal die offs (whales, deers falling dead by the hundreds), people claiming to come into higher understanding

The thing they are shooting down (hundreds of stationed ships) effect us not at the body level, but also the cellular.
The bible is the cover for all aliens.
As I said on here that humans are not entirely originating, they are much different, they have an alien node about 4 square milimeters in their frontal lobe that all the brain leaches from and focuses towards because they put it at a 'important' place.

The bible claims it started with adam and eve (2 modified apes), and they multiplied. It says everything the aliens want us to do, multiply, believe in god, be civilized.

The heaven on earth is just aliens sending down frequencies to make us in their image of calm, intelligent.

And the idea of god itself is not from Earth. I've deactivated the node, and come into more sophisitcated understanding that everything is a mutual collaberation of inner connectivity that created the universe to be how it is. We pick up this concept of god thanks to our alien node, and all the aliens beliefs (they are all the same) we pick up.

The bible is like a suck up to aliens. But humans were too unaware to know that they were milking the aliens "utter" for knowledge

The frequencies unfortuneately are mutating our beings, people dont have a desire to live so they do nothing, the animals simply dropped dead because they no longer had a desire to live. They mutated the entire world for no good reason.

All for something as insignificant as 3 foot grey beings with inferior dna by about 7 fold.

Once you let out the thought "Aliens are upgrading our consciousness (and likely have several times before now or dozens)" you disconnect yourself from their energy presence and you also nullify the upgrade by knowing that it's not right.

You start to embrace nature, knowing the truth.

Their aim is to hide the truth because the more truth one has, the more power to make action. You can't move a rock with your hands if it's just the tip of a boulder, but if you know it's a boulder you understand to dig.
They've tried their hardest to hide truth from us, as cowards and predators do yes they are predators and pure evil

I have a thread on how to deactivate the node, here
which also helps defeat them, as soon as everyone deactivates and tells them to leave is when they finally are out beated

These frequencies ruined all our lives, and it's not getting better, now we just feel mutated and like there's no point in living