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The UFO question. #14228
10/04/2019 01:55 AM
10/04/2019 01:55 AM
Joined: Oct 2019
Posts: 2
MIB Offline OP
MIB  Offline OP

Joined: Oct 2019
Posts: 2
Before my own personal answer to the above, a little intro to my own experience of ufos.

In 2013 (UK) myself and my brother plus a passerby saw a flashing object on the edge of a high cloud whilst we were out on a bike ride.
It got obscured by the cloud and was lost from view.
It was about two miles from my location and since we were on our way home we headed back, hopeful we might be able to see it again.
This was on 22.09.2012 at 13.00 ish.
After securing the bikes I went to the back garden area, scanning the sky and saw nothing, until a glint caught my eye, it was the same object, moving against the cloud direction and just inside the edge of a darker cloud but much lower than when first seen.
I yelled "ufo!" (time now was 13.15) and grabbed the old sony handycam (digital 8) in the hope of getting some concrete footage.
Although the sun was behind me and lighting up the viewing screen so I couldnt see anything on it, I kept the camera facing the object trying to get something of value.
After a few short minutes I couldnt see it anymore and decided that id goofed.
Luckily the decision to keep shooting after the initial sighting gave a clue to its flight direction as it was seen heading off into the distance and out of sight still flashing as it went, its very hard to catch it on the video but it is visible.
Ill uplod the photos and video later, its nothing earth shattering but it does show an object that isnt a heli/plane or balloon.

Since then Ive seen and photod a couple of other objects but as always, unidentifiable.

Ok, onto the main thrust of my post.

The UFO question.

Why dont the media and the government take this whole UFO thing seriously?

The explanation requires a Red Pill/ Blue Pill type of event to take place so if youre of the opinion that its all bullshot and want to live in ignorance read no further, if like me youre willing to see further than the illusions perpertrated on us, read on.

For many years there have been sightings of aerial phenomena that simply defy explanation or attribution and despite the best efforts of those who would rather it simply go away, it has not nor should it, in my opinion these types of people rather than not believing it to be true are simply afraid of the implications of what these events mean for humankinds position in the food chain.

From weather balloons to marsh gas, mirages to psychosis, there has been every attempt to explain the issue away with a "nothing to see here" attitude rather than with an open investigative mindset, as you would expect from so called scientists.

Heres a look at just one of the explanations that stand out to me personally as being inconceivable and can be summarily ruled out when offered up.

Secret military aircraft under test.

While at first glance that might be seen as a reasonable explanation its actually rather idiotic.
Military aircraft projects are never tested in populated areas for the obvious reason of something going wrong with it.
History is littered with examples of bright ideas that went bad taking out the innocent as an unfortunate side effect.
The project wouldnt be a secret any more if it veered off into a school now, would it!
It also rules this one out simply for the other obvious reason (well it should be) which is that of having control of the area its being tested in.
Clearly, testing an aircraft over populated urban areas falls outside of that control aspect which again makes the secret black project aircraft explanation surely one of the most stupifyingly dim ones to ever be proffered.
Thats not to say secret military aircraft arent being flown, they surely are, just dont expect to see one being "tested" in your neighbourhood, it aint gonna happen.

Outwardly the authorities dont pay any attention to the issue, citing such idiotic reasons as these sightings being "not of defence significance" but inwardly they do, it would be a very shortsighted and very stupid government and military apparatus indeed who didnt take seriously the possibility of aquiring a major technological advantage over their adversaries wheresoever it might be gained from, so they do indeed take the idea of UFOs and the opportunites to aquire technology from them seriously, irrespective of the public policy angle, for evidence look back to WW2, Operation Paperclip springs to mind.

The main reason you see such obfuscation and denial from the governement, military and media is really a simple one, in one word it is Control.
The situation with government is that theyre peeing down their legs at the thought of not being top dog any longer and being seen to be so by the public, that others from outside the confines of this world are actually significantly further along than we are, its the whole reason your government and military dont want you to wake up and question their legitimacy, ably assisted by the criminals in the media and its laughter curtain.
Once that little fact starts to germinate in peoples minds, the whole illusion of humans as being at the top of the evolutinary game simply falls away.
Its a sad fact that those in authority would rather you were ignorant of their lack of ability in defending you than have you realise it.
Its rather reminiscent of the Uk governments policy regarding Nuclear war, their policy being essentially a bag and tag type operation whereby the survivors would identify ( yeah right) the dead and bag then up for some future collection....
In fact I recently sent in an FOI request regarding the governments position/policy/plan regarding an unforeseen extinction level event, to be told it wasnt in the public interest!
Tells you all you need to know.

I often smile when someone sees an object in the sky that categorically rules itself out as being of terrestrial origin and the media just blow it off as the hallucinations of some nutter even when its backed up by video/radar and flight characteristics that fit no earthly object, but you have to ask yourself this question when faced with such entrenched idiocy/dogma; If that object in the sky had a Russian/N.Korean or Iranian flag on it, what do you think the media and government would then be saying?
Theyd be screaming that our airspace isnt secure and that we need to do something about it, evidenced by the recent russian navy ships traversing the english channel, the media went crazy about it.
Well folks, your airspace isnt secure, there are craft/objects violating it daily with impunity and your government just dont want you to think about it, remember, theyre in control theyre protecting you, you "need" them, such is their narrative, the reality is you do not.

The whole UFO denial plot is simply about preserving the status quo, if humans arent as technologically advanced as someone else then that makes us second best, they dont want you to know that they arent in real control of the issue, anymore than theyre in control of you and I, at its heart their policy and laughable explanations is all about maintaining the deception, after all ignorance is bliss.

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Re: The UFO question. [Re: MIB] #14243
10/04/2019 11:32 AM
10/04/2019 11:32 AM
Joined: Oct 2019
Posts: 2
MIB Offline OP
MIB  Offline OP

Joined: Oct 2019
Posts: 2
Video here:

I dont know what it is.

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