Before it was worse in the forums of people who use different nickname and do not care about people and me with my software I detect them quickly.

they pass false information about beliefs as truths and impose their points of view by the ruse to have many people who follow their [beep] and his sect to him and increased his turnover. .

Whoever follows his stupid opinion he is well liked by his multiple pseudo.

And the one who does not follow his opinion is ridiculed by his multiple pseudo.

And many cults of stupid or hateful beliefs like DA3ICH are born like that on the internet and even in the scientific world at the international level.

At the scientific level it's just clones but at the level of sects religions they destroy their worst clones and sometimes countries to increase their turnover on the stock market and guide the market of herds of clones and the stock market as they want and earn billions on the stock market.

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