There is many things that can cause a case to be judged and denied. Mental health and usage of drugs for an exemple. One actually can be far off and suffer from psychosis or can be tripping on strong drugs.

Then I'm looking at my case. I have a diagnosis of schizophrenia and I kinda smoke a lot of Canadian legal weed. Both together are known to generally cause psychosis. I'm aware of that!

The public asked for a check-up because I had the diagnosis and the use of cannabis. I don't mind it and I see many people to help figuring out. I have a CSN, RPN and soon à New psychiatrist! 15th I've met. I'm looking for different opinion...

When on a case, the psychiatric check-up is something often really important. One can be suffering from mental health issue or abuse of drugs. Many people think that it is my case.

To fully get the medical paper I'm seeking to have proof my story is not psychotic, I have to clean myself up. I tested high THC and it was not giving me any clinical signs of psychosis.

But now to get the paper I got to clean up the THC from my blood because medically right now I'm giving myself best condition for a psychosis regard their diagnosis. I am not psychotic and my story is real but in my actual condition it is understandable to be judged and denied. I'm yet at the claim. I am working on having doctors to give me it written as not related to my schizophrenia.

I think actually doing that should be a standard procedure when investigating a claim or any story case. Well I'm doing it and soon I will provide the public the documentation stating the opinion of a lot of doctors. They called me names then I'm gonna drop my psychiatric record!

You will have all the written facts that so many people are looking for. I was said a few time "exceptional case" and I have no worry. A case can be confirmed at that stage as being psychotic or not. I will stop using cannabis and I will take their treatment for one year and then normally if it is psychotic, the alien should vanish from my mind.

Then if after that I'm still Yokor the alien well doctors would considere it is not psychotic. When they're comfortable with the present facts and the background, they don't mind to write it down if they want.

Investigating a case is also taking opinions of other professional such as doctors...

It's not an offence.

It's a check-up tongue

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow