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After great anticipation since we've dreamed of offering our users with the best security money can buy in 2017, we are now actively implementing a banking/corporate level SSL-certificate! What does this mean? The padlock next to our website's address is being upgraded. By tomorrow, you will notice some changes to your browser's address bar. During this time, expect this post to be updated with important information that relates to this extraordinary move.

During this transition, active user's who have educated themselves on cyber security (information we will distribute), will receive a new limited edition badge!

We hope you're as excited as we are, because most website's don't bother offering this level of encryption for their users. It's important to us that the information you share and your computer's connection to us is safe. That's why our new certificate will be backed by a $1.75 million warranty! Stay tuned.

August 12th Update

We've been informed that the new security upgrade may take up to 10 days to implement.