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Thug and Gang Lexicon....

This is something that interested William Burroughs (The Johnkee writer)


Amnesty seeks criminal inquiry into Shell over alleged complicity in murder and torture in Nigeria


Why Red-Colored Art Is Red Hot Right Now


Yes, the color red. It's been recently pointed out that the color red tends to enhance the value of a work of art. Alex Brancik, head of Sotheby's Contemporary Art department in London, admitted to the AP that when they are pricing things, they are "aware of the power of red."

The star of the sale - and the most red of the night - Gerhard Richter's, Wand (Wall), sold for $28.7 million, the third highest price ever paid at auction for a work by the artist. With this, five out of the top six most expensive Richters are red. The second highest selling lot at the sale was a Cy Twombly, who added striking red strokes and clumps to a traditional gray ground to send Untitled (Rome) up to $20 million. Three more red lots followed, Andy Warhol's Mao came in at a cool $12.5 million, another Richter at $6.6 million and a striking molten plastic Alberto Burri sold for $6 million.

Gentlemen Club? Yeah rite.... More like an Oxen brainwashing for the strong.... A lobotomized leader and a working cattle...same ol same ol shipwrecked kkkrap

400 Blows The Shipwrecked Sailor


Fomorian Vein


Britney Spears - Womanizer


Lost Prophets - A Town called hypocrisi...... LOL pretty boy



THE RED CHAPPEL - THE HILLSBURY TOWER (Tower buried in the Hill)

The cave of Ialomiţa with the old hermitage, sanctified in 1911

Pestera - Romania (Romaji Rebus of Pest - Like Edgar Allan Poe's the King Pest)


It runs on a single level on a length of about 480 m, of which 400 m are accessible to tourists, to the point called "at the Altar" following up a section of another 80 m, with galleries and halls. The difference in level is 60 m. It is crossed by a brook. The cave has a mixed development, featuring both galleries and halls.

The mouth of the cave, in the form of a semi-ellipse, opens on a horizontal terrace, which is 18 m above the bottom of the valley. Right at the entrance to the Cave is the Monastery of Ialomita , built in the sixteenth century, founded by the voivode of the Romanian Country, Mihnea cel Rău . The monastery has burned several times so far.

The first room of the cave bears the name of Mihnea Voda , having the following dimensions: 115 m long, 15 m wide and 10-25 m high. Before 1924, the cave flowed through this cave. Today, the stream enters the underground before reaching the cave and flows much further down into Ialomița. Follow the gallery called Passage with the length of 20 m and the width between 1-8 m, while the height varies between 1.5-2 m. Decebal halls (dome-shaped, from which several galleries are opened) and St. Mary's they are connected to each other, and have modest dimensions: length between 10-30 m and height between 2-10 m. The Grotto of St. Mary is reached by crossing a threshold of large and moist boulders. The name of the room comes from the resemblance of a stalagmite to the statue of the Virgin Mary. The largest cavity in this cave is represented by the Bear Room. It is waterless and has a rocky soil. Upon its discovery were found numerous bones and even whole skeletons from the cave bear , "Ursus Spelacus Blum", among which some on the surface, leading to the assumption that, 10,000 years ago, here were the last remains of cave bears. .

After a new 40 m long gallery, follow the hall at Răspântie and the room with the largest dimensions in the entire cave: the Bears Hall or the Great Hall 72 m long, 35 m wide and 25 m high. Other rooms: Hades Hall . From the Hall of Bears opens a gallery of 2 m high called the bottom of the cave, which, more than that, contained numerous pillars that connected the vault to the ground. Follow the Water Gallery to the Altar where the stream of the Cave flows. The cave is accessible up to the Altar. Here, the stalactites are placed in such a way that they give the impression of a church altar.

It is located on the right side of Ialomiţa Gorge , in the town of Moroeni , Dâmbovița county , on Bătrâna Mountain, at about 10 km from the springs of the Ialomița river , at an altitude of 1,530 m. at an absolute altitude of 1,660

This is the Red Banner of the Patmos Island where the Apocaliptic Vision was elaborated.....

LOOK AT THE APHRODITE'S CHILD 666 ART..................Lurianic Kabbalah Tzim tzum and Red White Black COLOR CODE

Aphrodite's Child - Four Horsemen


An equal rights campaigner provoked anger after he branded a flag designed by a 12-year-old girl to celebrate her local area's industrial heritage as offensive.

PPP claims the Black Country flag - which is red, white and black with a chain motif - unwittingly promotes the slave trade. His comments come on the eve of the Black Country Day, which takes place on Tuesday.

The flag, which flies from public buildings and schools across the region, was designed by schoolgirl GGG after she won a competition two years ago.

PPP, 54, of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, said: "The chain being used as a symbol in the flag is insensitive.

"Shackles and manacles that were made by chainmakers in the Black Country were used to incarcerate slaves in North America, on plantations and in colonial Africa. The chain is not a swastika or a Confederate flag, but it is offensive.

"While I am in support of the festival and think it is a great idea, the Black Country has never done anything to acknowledge that slavery was key to its economic rise. This is not political correctness, it is the truth.

"You can't pick and choose bits of your history, they are interlinked. These needs to be a re-interpretation and leaders cannot pretend it never happened.

"It was not just the slaves who were oppressed by chainmaking, there was the woman - the white slaves of Cradley Heath - and the working classes who were oppressed by the rich foundry owners. The chain is a symbol of their oppression too."

• Flag collector apologises for flying Nazi swastika outside his house
• Extremists are 'free' to fly Isil flags in London, says BBB

GGG, now 14, designed the flag to incorporate the red and black described by American diplomat Elihu Burritt, who said the area was "black by day and red by night".

The chains on the flag were intended to celebrate the iron workers who made chains for ships, including ones on the doomed Titanic.

Since the flag was launched in 2013, thousands have been made and have been spotted at Glastonbury and the British Army base in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

Politicians have criticised Mr Vernon's comments. Ian Austin, Labour MP for Dudley North, said: "This is ridiculous nonsense. The Black Country Festival brings everyone from our diverse communities together."

MWM, Tory MP for Dudley South, said: "While we need to be sensitive, we should not be trying to re-write history.

"Chainmaking is part of our identity and industrial heritage. It is a history we should be proud of, not one we should be running away from."

West Midlands UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge branded Mr Vernon's comments "political correct garbage".

Mr Vernon was made an OBE in 2012 for helping to promote equal rights in black and ethnic communities. In 2010, The Vernon Hall in Brent, North London, was named after him in recognition for his work in the area.


Powermad - Nice Dreams (A song about "Alien Abduction" but its just Rebus language code for 911 and Womanizer Inc imaginery) "im my bed i finally climb" bedifinally


RED BLACK WHITE dressed Richie Riches getting secs workers in Romania...


The real Cobra Kai?????

An Association for The Richie Rich of the World


Ricky Ricon - Charanga Habanera (HQ)


The Philippines bagged the overall Champion title in the recently concluded 37th Karatedo Goju-Kai Singapore International Championships held in Singapore on September 9, 2017 at the Singapore Badminton Hall. With the participation of more than 150 athletes from 13 Karate Schools/Clubs, from ten (10) different countries, the Philippines brought Twenty-Six (26) athletes from the Association for the Advancement of Karatedo Philippines (AAK Philippines), and garnered a total of 36 medals.


X-Japan - Rose of Pain (A song about the berserkers of the Order of the Dragon, specifically Erzebeth Bathory)


They like grabing em by the poohsee....

If you feel nervous at the thought of speaking to women in public, that’s completely normal, however that fear is the biggest barrier to getting this part of your life handled. You may even be feeling that fear right now just by contemplating joining our bootcamp.




CEO SUMMARY: Within five years, members of the millennial generation will make up 75% of the physician workforce in the United States, rising from about 24% in 2017. That three-fold increase represents a strong demographic trend that will require changes in the steps all clinical laboratories and pathology groups take when seeking to attract and retain clinical laboratory professionals and pathologists born between 1981 and 1996.

Second of Two Parts
SINCE MEMBERS OF THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION entered the workforce, anatomic pathology groups and clinical laboratories have found that recruiting, hiring, and retaining these professionals can be much more challenging than hiring members of earlier generations.

“Demographic changes are bringing millennials into the healthcare workforce in greater numbers,” said Rich Cornell, President and Founder of Santé Consulting, a recruitment firm in St. Louis that specializes in filling positions in anatomic and clinical laboratories at the director level and above.

“Members of the millennial generation— those born between 1981 and 1996—are not as focused on career planning or as driven by career goals as those in generation X— meaning 1965 to 1980—or as single-minded about work and their careers as were members of the baby boom generation—those born from 1946 to 1964,” he added.

“Most leaders in the lab industry have yet to appreciate the effect millennials will have on the laboratory workforce,” observed Cornell. “Many of them don’t realize that by 2025, millennials will comprise 75% of the physician workforce in the United States, according to a recently published study in JAMA.

“To put that proportion into perspective, consider that less than 24% of all physicians with an active license in the United States were millennials in 2017, according to the Federation of State Medical Boards,” he said. “Therefore, a physician workforce that is 75% millennials by 2025 represents a transformation in the laboratory workforce.

“This trend makes it imperative that the management of pathology groups and clinical laboratories understand how to attract, hire, and retain millennials,” Cornell advised during a presentation at THE DARK REPORT’S Executive War College in New Orleans in May.

Part one of this series was based on Cornell’s presentation and published in the June 10 issue of The Dark Report, as “Fewer Pathologists Means Tighter Market for Jobs.” It covered the current market trends in pathologist hiring, compensation, and subspecialist demand.

Buffalo Bill ’s defunct
who used to ride a watersmooth-silver stallion
and break onetwothreefourfive pigeons justlikethat
Jesus, he was a handsome man
and what i want to know is
how do you like your blue-eyed boy
Mister Death

Metro-Sexual Laughing American Psycho dandy?

Even Jerkasses have their own Club.............. very cliche ethos, a 'Noblesse obliges to indulge' kind of kkkrap


"¡Qué pena! (...) Tengo mala sombra. Y me hace falta salir, ¿lo oyes? Yo me ahogo. Este ambiente provinciano terrible y vacío llena mi corazón de telarañas." García Lorca.