That is something we hear alot first of all when we talk about aliens. Even if I know that abductions aren't the big matter to understand what is happening talking about aliens here I will say a bit about it because it is a subject larger than it looks like and there is multiple type of abductions. I will try to communicate something that can be understood a bit without giving away any real informations. Here just a track to think about it...

-Physical abductions

They can be in space, in time or in dimension. The space abduction is typically the most know. They take off someone in his bed asleep or paralysed to ''beam it up'' in a spaceship and then block access to memory when comes back. Classic! We can here alot of stories about those ones sometime for medical examination or health car, sometime for a bit darker such a genetic experiment or culture. We can also hear a few stories about having a free ride up there in space just for a good time and then coming back with something interesting to say. Time abductions are the most interesting to me. Taking someone from a time to travel it into another time for some reasons. That kind of abductions make alot of people believe that we make someone to disapear but it is not true. We just take someone to make it live in another time for the reason of the story. Dimensional abductions are interesting too but it is not my big thing so I don't have anything to say about it except to say that it is taking someone from a dimension to travel it to another one.

-Spiritual abduction

This is when a lifeform from a different plan take your spirit to go into his plan where the rules aren't necessary physical. Alot of spiritual plan have habitants capable to abduct the spirit of someone especially for a subject that is good closing his consciousness of his physical vessel to move into a spiritual connection of another world. Many storie I heard about those ones are mainly being summoned in another plan where the physical body stays in the origin plan. This is no ''God'' abductions... It is not about divinity and only the spirit travel in a stopping of consciousness of the physical world the subject live in. This is a special abduction that is not happening with ships or technology most of the time. It is a higher spiritual lifeform living in a different plan that is taking you off the physical world to make you living through your spirit and its avatar if you have one. An exemple for it would be some sort of dragons on their plan where magical is real and they use it to cast a summoning spell on you in the physical world you live in to bring you there into not a shape but the representtion of a shape wich I can call avatar. Stepping in your own spiritual egregore can make you rise as a spirit and eventually move to live your life in a different plan then maybe someday be granted that power of abducting another spirit.

-Dream abduction

Those are the wierdest but I love them alot. What I mean by dream abduction can be different things. The ones I know the most are cosmic and technological. I will start by the technological. This is using the mind network technology to connect you mind to a similation environment. When you are dreaming your mind is having a great activity and frequency or I don't know what to have a great and fluid connection to a informatic or clone simulated experience. I remember accepting a sleep job in wich when I was sleeping and starting to dream I was connected to a video game to develop the video game using dreams. This is like if you are controled in your dream in wich they will decide the environment, the other people connected in the same server. The travel that is about being abducted here is the consciousness. Dreaming is giving you a different consciousness and this is what is being abducted in the dream. The consciousness. It can be for a fun dream in wich you will be written something good as it can be your worst scanned nightmare. Mostly my abductions like those are for secret meetings or playing a videogame when I dream. As a cosmic larva and living in this physical plan (I don't live in the world I am from) I usually uses dream to travel my cosmic existence into the world I am from. This allow me to abduct someone in his dream and bring it into my world where I am. I can do cosmic abduction and summoning when I am not dreaming but it is not yet something you want to know about me... Then I talk with the soft one, the cosmic dream abduction. So I can take you in my world when you dream and decide what we will do there until I break the link and you go back intop your physical plan living by your own in the rules of that world. Personally I prefere to live into your physical plan but I have alot of works in other lifes in other world... When I say I can make you dream, I am not joking!

I find realy funny that when most of the people they say ''aliens'' or ''extraterrestrial'' they right away talk about UFO and abduction. The thing is that from all the people that abducts aliens and ET are not that bad. Really there are people from other world that are doing alot worst about that and it is gross alot so I do not believe aliens or ET are really the worst abductor...

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow