Demons are able to cause people to perceive them as having a form. However, since their powers are limited, there is a limit to the number of people who they can influence at the same time. Also, for the same reason, they are more likely to be perceived in such a form at night than in the daytime﷓ it is easier for such a manifested "form" to be perceived then, and it is less uncomfortable to their disembodied state at night than in the day under the effects of the sun.
Such manifestations, when not vague, are usually made to appear to be that of a deceased person. When summoned by a medium, it is in the form of' the deceased person sought after that the demon appears﷓ according to the memory of the person seeking such forbidden contact (more on this shortly). When there is not such a specific designation of what form to take, the deceased person manifested by the demon is usually that of the last person they possessed. This is why “ghosts" (particularly the more powerful demons manifested as poltergeists) are usually perceived as being the "ghosts" of people who either inflicted or suffered violent death ﷓ murderers and suicides. It should be apparent that a much higher percentage (than the general population) of murderers and suicides are demon﷓possessed people, and that it is this state that has instigated the abnormally violent behavior of these people. This is why "haunted houses" invariably have a history of a violent, fatal incident﷓ such a death caused the demon to be disembodied again ﷓ thus producing the "ghost."

There are no signs whatever of an earlier, prehuman civilization, and from what we know of the evolutionary history of life on the planet, we can't see which prehuman living species could possibly have supported such a civilization. 98

As we have seen, all physical traces of the civilization of the demonic race were either obliterated or removed beyond our reach. Yet this race, being disembodied spirits, has a proclivity for again possessing physical bodies﷓, which has caused a constant contact with the human race throughout our history. This demonic race, at the direction of their leader Satan, has always endeavored to impart knowledge to us that is forbidden to us by God. This being the case, we should expect to find evidence of a racial myth, a legend, with the following characteristics:

1. The legend is persistent, despite there being no cultural or archaeological evidence whatsoever to support it.
2. This legendary race lived on a continent﷓island﷓city that was situated in the Atlantic Ocean and was destroyed by a violent, cataclysmic disaster, which caused a rapid, complete inundation by the ocean due to its sinking.
A Message for the Human Race

Do we find evidence of such a persistent legend in the literature of our race?

But to this day the tradition, as revived by Plato, has not died....
An incomplete catalogue of the literature on Atlantis in 1926 included 1,700 titles. 99

Has anyone reading this not heard of the legend of Atlantis?