For three years I am writting a journal of alien experience. I wrote as a commanding officer in the GSS that is leading an operation on Earth that is affecting the whole galaxy. You can read from the begining and know alot about my story and maybe find the answers you would be asking me. Or you can just read updates that I am still working on writting and miss a part of it. I writte in french because it is better than english for wrriting and I have a good quality of french so any free online translator does a decent job. It would be really appreciated to have opinion about my wirtting because I am actually thinking of publishing my book to make a little bit of money. This is a real live testimony coming froman alien working at a glactic level. There is my book and communication platform:

It can look uninteresting at a first look and a bit gaga but it is something I have been doing hoping to have some contain for the day I would get to interest someone somewhere. It's a place I actually already answered alot of questions so it is good to read before asking...
It has been a place where I have been disclosing informations before the time and wrote all step I have been through to get to work for extraterrestrial organisation. It is critiquing alot for a while and it almost just start like that but this critic is about how is the management around here. I don't like to reapeat myself so for three years I wrotte what was in my mind and what was happening to me and my epxeriences with extraterrestrials and aliens. I hope it can help to understand where you have to put your mind if you want to escalate hierarchy...


Captain Xeno
Operational Force
Galactic Secret Service

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow