A few archaeologists and explorers have raised suspicion over the centuries-old claims of Kailasa Temple based in Ellora Caves; that it is purely a hand-carved temple!

World’s oldest and most famous creation Kailasa temple was carved out of a gigantic mountain from top to bottom in carved-in technique (opposite to the carved-out skill known to humankind).

Historians in India and abroad have expressed their confusion over a belief that 400,000 tonnes of rock were scooped out to carve-in this temple, which took around 18 years; humanly impossible!

According to history, Mughal emperor Aurangzeb had ordered the demolition of Kailasa temple. For the task,alien technology he sent over 1000 laborers, but to his dismay even after working day and night for over 3 years, they could barely manage to disfigure a few statues here and there.

Going by archaeological facts, it is clearly impossible to do what had been done eras before even with the new-found technology of today’s times.

Does that mean, some extra-terrestrial technology was used to create this structure?