I live in the East Bay of Northern California and have been outside many a night since the end of this past summer. On a few occasions I have witnessed things in the sky that I can't explain. One of which has been what looks like bright camera flashes. I have researched what this may be and the closest thing that matches is a satellite reflection. On the occasion where I have seen one single flash, I'm willing to accept this as an explanation, however there was an occasion in which this was impossible. One night I saw about 5 separate flashes all seconds apart. Each one was from a different position but in the same area of the night sky. I am inserting an image of a diagram to explain this further. The number next to each dot which represents the lights is the order in which the light flashed. The size of each dot is approximately the largest each light was at the peak of the flash. They all started out bigger than stars but got their biggest when they were brightest as is usual with any light. Each flash of light was shorter than an actual camera flash, but perhaps not by much. There was about 1-2 seconds between each separate flash. The order and amount of flashes from each light is only approximate as it has been weeks and was a very quick incident. I am looking for serious replies about a possible explanation or something like it anyone else has experienced. Thank you. [img]https://imgur.com/a/OCByvD6[/img]