They are funny but get so mad for nothing as I heard. Many abductee story relate how cruel and immoral they can be. Maybe because they have lost natural reproduction and they can now only reproduce with mechanical incubator. Sexual frustration?

I heard they are nice but they do really have anger management issue. It seems to be the only thing they can deeply feel and make them go nut. They have mind control technology too but other have so no news there... They can be really lovelly and peacefull but they will easelly get angry and then they are really violant. Their contactee mostly female wich make me think they may all be the same gender. Either all male and that is why they have so much care for female or they are female having care of other female. Or maybe they just do not have sex? I heard years ago that they have telepathic network that they just have to think so machine and stuff around works but when they crash and their technology doesn't work anymore they are not much of a survivor.

For the appearence they are my favorite, they are cute and lovelly but that is just appearence because I heard they are the bad ones among other civilisations even if they work on making people think they are good. Most of their contactee I have met are really annoying with their ''attitude'' that would trash you if you disagree or have a different opinion or beliefs. I like them and I would trust them because they are really intelligent and logical and impulsivity is not their strenght. They are really sensitive to noise and vibration wich they can feel unconfortable or feaked ou really easelly. You mus move slow and calm with them and if you feel bad they will not trust you especially if you have bad thought or feelings such as fear. Just be chill, respectful and maybe they would walk to you but before they will observe you a long time. Do not make a move or you will find yourself paralysed and even brainwashed gross [beep] such as fear hallucination or simulated physical pain.

I am not sure of that information but I think they work as monarchy system, king, queen, prince and princess. that may be wrong

They can read your mind and put stuff in it, implanting informations, images or scenario even feelings and sensation

They are cute yes but badass! They are nice as friend when you take time to understand how they are and how they feel the world but if you push they will walk behind you and stab you in the back because most of the time they will play in your back. That is sad but that is what I found out after a really little research.

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