For the UFO Community Singularity Technology has a detectable signature. My singularity technology detected by high fidelity MRI performed by DOD and the VA at the West Haven VA medical center blew my cover as a ascended civilization genetically engineered being with nano technology. The intense magnetic field of the MRI of my visual cortex, the interface point for my nano and singularity technology, caused the quantum containment field of the Singularity Power Generator to go active in the MRI Field and become visible.

When in active mode, probability distortions occur around me. This can be assessed as distortions in probability, dice games, card games of chance are a low tech means of checking if the singularity field is active. A random number generator on a cell phone can be checked for pasterns of numbers when in proximity to singularity power source that is active. My singularity technology is the most advanced on the planet. Implanted in me shortly after my birth. Leakage from the field is minimal at best and detectable only when the power source from the singularity generator is active.

Old installations with singularity power sources still active can also be checked by probability scan and minute distortions in time from being close to the singularity generator. Atomic clock time signal measurements inside the field and out will very at a very small degree over time.

Lucifer Forces employed Tachyon Technology that allowed them to see past and future up and down a time line to a small degree, allowing them to avoid detection and patrols. We have Tachyon Technology we have advanced much since the Lucifer War and can detect Tachyon leakage from Lucifer War Era systems. These concentrated tachyon particles give normal people bad feelings that come true in certain locations causing some areas to be seen as being cursed.

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