Ironghost is an old friend but we cannot remember but there is one thing is that I have cosmic feelings wich all of you has its own signature.

We have consciousness of nothing but we have met the first time along time before we found back each other here.

It is not a claim about the user, it is a feeling from another world I have and that I trust.

My people are the partisan of love, respect and freedom. We infiltrate communities placing ourself in the position that gets the shot from the badies so I can build a case in wich I can be granted authorisation of intervention or even legal or criminal charges. I am here to take the shot because you know it is criminal to shoot of representative of ''law enforcement''. I am operating a three layer consciousness indentity fragmentation meant to infiltrate expected spot where some badies they can be found. I am being the decoy, the target and the victim so my other IDs has a job! ^_^

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow