Hello everyone,,
It is strange lately. I feel renewed? It is like if I was connected to an energy from somwhere else.

I think that some stuff is changing?

For me it was one year ago I just started to watch UFO videos on youtube and somehow...

I asked myself: If it was true? Does a ET can exist and live among us, looking like us? The Ufos seem to be real phenomenom so who is piloting? I asked msylef many questions but did not really searched for answers. I just went to opening my mind. But for a day I feel, like, a, new begining?

Is it this? The mind rebirth of taking this as, a... reality?

I started to read and I am a bit worried of this community, it looks goofy a bit... Stereotype?
But what is happening to me? Just what switched inside of? me? I just realised that it can be the truth.....