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Introductions and General Discussion
5 hours ago
Colebrook NH CVN Hospital was controlled by the Ba;al Deep cover NAZI Cult. Indian Health Springs by a network of End of Days back Woods Cults that were tied to Jim Jones, Waco, Ruby Ridge and Timothy McVeigh that blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building. They have facility in Colebrook that is located next door to Colebrook Hospital. My wife and I are Human Alien Hybrids and have been Splitting off the End of Days Christian Cults from the Ba'al linked NAZI fifth Column Cult that got control of the highest levels of the FBI and Justices Department and DNC. They used the Christian End of Days back woods Cult to for domestic Terrorism. One of the back woods end of day's Cult recently shot two police officers through a window and then suicides after shooting the police. Like Timothy McVeigh. These cults put a two ton Commercial Blasting Powder Trailer Bomb next to a foolish FBI officer investigating the kidnapping and human trafficking of over 100 blond good looking Women from Vt, New Hampshire and Maine logged in the police Databases. The cults are linked to global network of End of Days Cults preaching the final days using a High Power AM Ham radio system based in the central United States feeding conspiracy theory out that have call in web Based Radio Station for the faithful and members in Russia, South America and Such Allied with the Ba'al Enemy Human Alien Hybrids we have been fighting for four thousand Years. My wife and I have been splitting off the end of days Christian Cults save for the most virilent and hide bound of them. They have been assaulting my wife and I with memory altering drugs harvested my wife's reproductive organs as they did Princess Diana for cloning and invetro Fertilization to feed the narrative of the end of days rising of the Dead Great Kings and Queens, Angels and Demons's Walking the Earth promulgated by the Ba'al Enemy Human Alien Hybrids. They use Hackers like the Pastor of the Grace Community Church was in Canaan VT. My wife and I infiltrated this end of days Cult from The Living Water Church in the Tampa Florida area that was allied with the end of days cult and was pumping veterans in the James A. Haley VA Center for improvised weapons technology and penetrated Ft, Dietrich our chemical bio logical warfare store house since the Cold War. The researcher that worked their that sent the anthrax letters finally found by the FBI after he suicides following his shooting of two police officers was one of the end of days back woods cult. We checked his car radio and found the broadcast site from the Midwest preaching conspiracy theories and end of days messages. In conjunction with the release of the location of the Copper and Lead Plates dating back to Roman Days of documenting a Multidimensional breach, our clan of Human Alien Hybrids Suppressed with aid of singularity technology, we released to Egypt, Europe and The United states the site of the Akhenaten archives and treasury at his destroyed city of the sun. he was guided by our clan of Human Alien Hybrids as child god king to site near his city of the sun and shown a cave with more evolved Lucy Ape like creatures skeletons that been caught in brush fire died been burred in drifting sand on the migration route out of Africa. He and the Clan members that were part of the Egyptian court with residual holographic technology serving as techno-mages to his discussed this cave. He was an exceptionally high IQ God King and noted the blue clay human figure fused by the fire in the uncovered remains. He came to understand the concept of intelligent design by the creator the middle ground of th fire storm between conservatives and scientists over the theory of evolution most of the silent majority of Americans scientists accept. The clan techno-mages mages carefully back filled this site were remains indicated [beep] sapiens had achieved self awareness and of a higher power outside themselves. They brought the God King there because royal engineers found blue clay shafts of industrial diamonds not worth much and one shaft of gem stone grade diamonds. The God King moved by the remains in the cave ordered the site sealed by the Royal Engineers. He went on to create monotheism and took into his house during the building of his city of the sun a Jew Slave worker son named Moses. Moses ran away from hsi court and returned to challenge his view of God in his heretical views of God they argued paranormal events beyond the technology of the clans of Human Alien hybrids occurred as per the Judeau Christine Bible finally he let the Jews slave builders of his city of the sun leave. He said take from my city what you need to sustain you here is the deed in stone car-touche to Fort in Jerusalem that belongs to my empire take it an if you can wrest an keep it and the lands in its environs this will rove I gave that Fort to you. The remains of that Fort are burred under temple mount. Moses said unto the God King I need no deed from you God gave me command of my people, The god king said I will leave the deed in the tresury of my city of th sun that your God with plagues killed my first born son and warpped my other children with diseases. I will seal him in the treasury in arms of the guardians of the dead the Anubis Solders a statue I had carved fro black basalt. Your ded will lay at his feet your people are weak and will come crawling back to me. His queen said enough husband Moses depart with love an peace be on you your peoepl will know no peace until the end of days heed my husbands words and depart the arch priest ware coming he had no authority to free your slaves you brought death upon our house and dream. Moses said unto be peace gentle lady I go not in peace but in war to build a temple to god and left. We gave the location of that archive and last vestiges of the wealth of the Egyptian Empire to Egypt it is under the control of an joint assault force armed with nuclear weapons it is the birth place of the tr faiths of monotheism. We also gave the Jew the location of the Golden Bull and remains of the Ba'al human hybrids among them an earthquake liquidized the soft ground and sucked them down as the faithful stood on rock above waiting for Moses to return from God only knows where. In the jumbled archives beneath Mecca are reports from the Prophets Engineers tehy found the location he marked of the Golden Bull. The left the African Bull horns grafted to the Golden Bull the Prophet of Islam said they caste off this idol and left it like they did Ishmael my ancestor child of Abraham I take it to build my city to god leave the bodies of th Ba'al to rot. The strangling burned remains of arch priest led armed force of Egypt acme straggling back to the God King of Egypt at his city of the sun. They said what did you do. They said we unleashed a servant of God you housed us but starved us the Black Pharisaic Kings fed and nourished us but thought us mad. They took Tut his son killed them both smashed and destroyed his city of the sun except for his hidden archive and treasury we gave the bull horns to the Jews via armed convoy on an old Roman road rough drive over broken thousands of year old road by my state police son led her learned four wheel driving and GPS navigation geocahche as boy here in NH. We flew him and his Dartmouth wife in by Lear jet to the nag av desert by the Wells of Barsheba. He barely made it back alive under molt-ave cocktail, RPG and automatic weapons fire with FBI personnel from the Egyptian Jordan and Saudi Embassies along with ATF and Marines and Bedouin and United States Army military attache personnel. The opposite of WACO Ruby Ridge and Jim Jones Jones Town. The Bedouin that led them are th same that tried to rescue our ambassador to Lybia took him to hospital and led the Jew on goat trail into Jerusalem. Loyal Aarb citizens of Israel all marked by death by Ba'al and end of day's cult people one killed the two cops having dinner and suicided. One of our reactivated New Jersey class Battle ships is in the Red Sea, most of the ships crews and Marines with archaeological personnel are holding the archives and treasury with Saudi Tactical Air Support it is getting sorted out . My so and his wife are being flown back to resume duty as a NH State Police Worker. SAS personnel found diving off the coast remains of Roman Armor A Helmet and bronze sword with imperial crest on it of Ancient Rome in the UK off the Coast of Wales and the locals are talking movie lease rights to land and pay per view with the Royal Family For Hades March to the Sea. My German SF son and his American Yale Wife are going to visit his mother in Hanover Germany and talk export of septic Tanks from New England to the former Austrian Hungarian Empire Hinterlands as part of new Marshal Plan for Eastern impoverished Europe with jobs for pump an caterpillar equipment personnel.
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Astronomy, Medicine, Science, Technology
6 hours ago
thats crazy i dreamed about these mushroom shaped domed buiildings on the moon
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Introductions and General Discussion
Yesterday at 12:31 AM
The two very large plasma titanium aircraft carriers are going to be auctioned off in about 85 years as surplus. they are too old obsolete and large to be economically transported of this Earth. They are semi submersible to hide as artificial islands in large harbors. an can be camouflage with trees and nets to look like islands a design feature not in American Carriers. They come as equipped with analog compatible dell computer tech an oracle technology standard spec GSA fittings toilet seats and such with compatible GSA numbers for carrier sea ship type things some Items are not in your GSA catalog. The ships blades are very advanced and ultra quiet . The advanced hull design leaves a smaller wake confusing tracking systems for smaller ship. The ships will be auctioned off separately with maintenance logs, During prion audit earth diid not have the technological base to support leave behind technology without causing massive disruptions. The plasma heavy infantry carriers go to orbit for pick up but are obsolete in 150 years will be up for auction they will lease space on the extra super carrier for them NASA has an open auction clock for each set of items coming up for bid you can talk to the Singularity Dreadnought Fleet Admiral Tara Pendragon Delta SF Trainer via NASA secure gate for add in items on the Heavy Infantry Carriers when auction time comes such as wire riffles or if you reach quantum capacitor stage low grade quantum pulse rifles that send out heated plasma bursts like star trek Romulan charges. Tara Pendragon made an appearance on Earth TV looking like she did on the Norwegian Star. She was the spike white haired female that announced the condition of the Poisoned Russian spies in the UK. It's an old family tradition to appear on UK television. My sons do it all the time. They do UK and US TV as well
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Member Gallery
Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:48 PM

This 100 million dollar sex slave cult leader was arrested in Puerto Viarta Mexico where the leaders of the Enemy Alien Hybrids vacation and live in the area of the Phased Array Radar and rail Gun Project. He fled the United States NYC to this area with sex salves via Lear Jet to 10k a month Villa on the coast. He provided sex slaves to the Ba'al enemy Human Alien Hybrids and Drug Cartel leaders they are supporting. In the region I am in NH an old Ba'al NAZI fifth Column cell location a troubled female counselor that looks exactly like this Cult leader in dress eye wear and Hair style is working in a local clinic. He is from the area that the sex slave cult leader had his training facility for sex slaves that he starved, tortured and branded.
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Introductions and General Discussion
Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:23 PM
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Introductions and General Discussion
Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:12 PM
The Survivors of the Clock Tower Temporal Warship Krodorsfire and the Baial Auxiliary Cultural sabotage and Imperial Integration Team that landed as the Island of Thera signed a treaty forced on the Ba'al Human Alien Hybrids by Force Majure, We agreed to force limits and no mass open combat. They were also told if they went nuclear and assembled a nuclear arsenal we would eradicate them. We prefer a slow integration and controlled eugenic removal of the sociopath genes they cherish That gene type is becoming more rare and genetic testing was reaching a point they were loosing their ability to hide. We the Krodorsfire Clans have 12 Multistage ICBM with Multiple Reentry Warheads Neutron Bombs land and rail mobile dispersed Globally. It is a lethal accurate force de frape. The phased array radar and other incidents prompted the Krondorsfire clan leaders to approach me and request Nuclear Release as CDR Excalibur Singularity Terrasect Class Delta Warp assault ship. I said no and set the force limits like the Hartford Convention medium intensity NARCO Conflict with supporting terrorist attacks bellow the Nuclear threshold. We illustrated the effectiveness of small coastal freighters vertical launch and Vertical lift Jet fighter coastal Brown water navy and a company armored sized landing ship with Vertical lift deck for fixed wing dedicated support. They concurred and moved to reassess strategy for the medium to long term.
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Introductions and General Discussion
Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:51 AM
My wife and I are Human Alien Hybrids with woven in organic and mono atomic level nano technology we can shape shift among other things and appear as alien race members . We carry two different forms of nano technology that is compatible with each other from allied alien races from long ago. One race with a large history of contact through the ages from China to Europe are the elves. My wife carries Elvin nano tech among others. That tech and genetic engineering came form the Star Ship Seed Ship CDR's race. In the town of Colebrook NH I arranged a singularity gate meeting between a colony world female Elvin rep of that race that is close to us in this Galaxy and NASA, DNA samples were exchanged at local village restaurant watched over by Greek Commandos and the Mossad. They have slow ship asteroid ship boosted by nuclear propulsion coming to us. The enemy human alien race that had the Seed Ship Commander hostage for almost four thousand years virtually destroyed their planet with chemical and biological war. sing cellar phone liek communications technology. They live long breed slow and it took almost two thousand years to recover from the war. Their asteroid ship carries nuclear weapons, space to surface fighter bombers but no chemical or biological weapons. They are skilled in genetic repair and cancer treatment from the damage of the war that almost destroyed them. We have established a formal singularity gate at NASA mission control high security to address crimes by these enemy human alien hybrids like the Vegas gambler shooter. The gate leads to a highly advanced Star ship cutting edge technology of the Clock Tower Civilization. If peaceful contact is made by both sides we have promised to install a singularity high security gate from the slow ship asteroid ship to their home Colony World. Over my wife's shoulder on the Horizon is a burning Venezuelan Navy Task Force of Missile Cruisers and Surface ships. We seized super tankers bound for oil platforms off LA California that were going to smuggle oil to North Korea for a kick back to the state of California. We fitted the peace enforcer ships in french yards with the best supersonic European Cruise Missiles that were used in Syria. These are vertical launch. We also have vertical launch fighter bombers on our three ships and compartments for our Delta forces. Before the arrival of the warp capital ships we used these ships equipped with Google and Apple AI systems to smash and sink the Venezuelan Navy task force that was getting components for nuclear weapons from a CadCam shop that also supported North Korea from freighters going to the Panama canal The three ships are named the Pearl, Exciter and Scepter a fourth one the Imperator under the control of another of our Clan's is being fitted for service. During my wife;s operation we sunk more ship tonnage than any force since World War Two. My wife, like me was born and placed,she was born into the family of Lord Mountbatten cared for and raised well. My wife an I are almost sixty years old will live to eighty or ninety with proper diet and exercise then pass or possibly be transferred by high technology to genetically engineered bodies of the clock Tower Civilization.
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Introductions and General Discussion
Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:58 PM
That was case of demonic interaction. The house probably dates back to William the Conqueror, he had some demonic issues he put down during th greet property audit of the UK after the invasion, obscene acts in Churches he cleaned up, bestiality. He put down demonic entities raised in Human form with fire torch burning at the stake after careful testing. When the body is not fully destroyed they hang around tied to it in local region at a quantum level being trapped to decaying remains that will pass to hell confinement when remains decay to certain point. Probability sweeps detect the entity and low level energy drains give the entity power. it feeds on fear ad pain that cause the brain electrical activity of a human to peak. It reads the peak draws energy from it like a battery drain trying to attune to the mind of its prey using stored energy in in quantum matrix. At peak level it can read all your life event computer passwords and phone number from the house it can ring your phone make noises hang up. The issue you experienced is from it acting on the quantum level you can see and not detect with current technology save by probability sweep. Running a random number generator on cell phone see a reoccurring patter shows the entity is near or far disrupting probability at the quantum level. Some dice or deck of card pulling them out at random also works rather scary when you start seeing black and red card patterns. That is why the Romans where throwing dice over Jesus Christ Robe and the Sky Darkened ground shook dice fell into a pattern and they said he was the son of God, Come from Ancient Egypt research with Wigi Board. this demon is weak remains decaying would have sexually assaulted you if it could have
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Unidentified Flying Objects
Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:04 AM
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Unidentified Flying Objects
Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:39 AM
Look again that is old Commonwealth of Independent Planets assault lander identical to the ones that landed In Haiti and addressed NGO relief organizations headed by the Methodist council of relief they carry a heavy infantry company have fusion bottle power plants. A Russian Enemy Human Hybrid tried to discredit the the Haitian landing. We brought in by heavy lift ship two plasma fusion reactor advanced water wet navy carriers these are the largest fastest carries on earth. Made of Titanium hulls. We flagged them USA for covert operations and allow USA personnel on DECK for operations and coordination. Those combat landers are from the carrier in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic. The carriers can handle the largest military cargo planes and a 747.

The enemy crossed a red line used cloning technology stolen from the UK and other and have cloned Hitler we retrieved the Hittler chidl and gave him to MA social services. He is about 12 years old and an earth citizen. They cloned Princess Diana and created a false Mahdi and Egyptian Queen from spliced in ancient DNA. This violates European and American laws as well as religious and cultural laws. They were going to give the false cloned Mahdi the Iranian Republican Guard and the Muslim Brotherhood. We informed NASA and the UN that we would not cloak our ship by the soho satellite. We have two additional capital ships in collapsed wormholes out of reach of normal weapons.

The enemy cult has taken hostages and we are digging them out slowly hence the surge in UFO activity.
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Unidentified Flying Objects
Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:39 AM
From 1850-1864 one of the bloodiest if not the most bloody war in Human history occurred in China, The Taiping Christian Cult Rebellion. Triggered by an American Baptist Preacher that supported a Cult leader that had visions of God's Kingdom on earth. 20-70 million killed, 100 million displaced. Occurred concurrent with the American Civil War.
On 22 December 1859 French astronomers detected an large object inside the orbit of Mercury that disturbed the orbit of that planet where the Soho Satellite picked up that very very Large UFO. The Taiping Rebellion ended when unknown assassins entered the leaders palace killed him and dumped his body in sewer and disappeared. 1877-1885 the Mahdi Rebellion in Sudan plunged that region into medieval darkness. His reign ended when he mysteriously died in 1885. In 1896 -1897 a world airship craze and reports of visitors from space swept the Earth. Fast forward to today. A jihadist uprising from Sudan about wrecks the Middle East its first leader is killed the War Vizier of it by Navy SEALS that loose a helicopter going in to his compound. With the Death of the War Vizier of the Caliphate, a decedent of the Prophet Claims the mantel of Ruler of the Caliphate and continues the War, The United States almost Fractures over the issue of the war and 2016 election like the civil war. Then a assassin walks into Islamic Cultural Center in Canada kills several clerics and all Islamic terrorism in Canada stops. The large UFO is detected by the Soho Satellite like during the Taiping and other rebellions against legal authorities. Concurrent with the arrival of the Giant UFO there is surge in UFO sightings and reports of paranormal and alien contacts. Those are concrete facts.
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Introductions and General Discussion
Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:25 PM
Originally Posted by stardust
ufo shows up on web cam pagewebcamufo image

right click on image to zoom
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Personal Stories and Experiences
Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:02 PM
In the three-dimensional world there are living beings of light,
People, animals, plants;
These creatures, or their bodies, are mortal and, after death, turn into various energies, such as food for all these light beings.
There is no Sun in the five-dimensional world, not even death or birth.
Only the mixing of energies in various template forms prevails, which is pretending to be only energy.
It is only when it is attacked that it changes its form from which it was created.
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Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:00 PM
Greetings fellow UFO researchers. I am a long time UFO researcher my self. I have been studying this field my whole life because I have realized that the following topics are some of the most important issues that mankind has ever had and that by focusing on these things that I may be able to fix many of the problems that all races of people on earth have been dealing with for a long time. The following topics that I want to discuss are the gray aliens, the supposed race or Annunaki race, the pyramids around the world and the type of technology that is relate to technologies developed by my hero Nikola Tesla and the movie the Matrix. Although I recognize that my opinions may be flawed I do believe that there is enough truth in my opinions that even if I am wrong hopefully others will be able to carry on where I left off. I am using examples of things that we already talk about ordinary to try and clear up the big cage of lies that we have been forced to build around our own selves without adding more bs to it.

First of all is the Gray Aliens. These are my favorite Aliens. When i think about their known biology behavior and technology In my opinion they must be the most similar to people morally and the most physically compatible to be around. We each have different strengths and weaknesses that compliment one and another. We are physically larger and stronger than them, but their minds are more powerful than ours. The fact that our biology is so similar it may be possible for humans to develop a telepathic connection with them but It likely would be up to them and I doubt they would do it without our consent. I also believe that if they did this with a human it would be very hard on us because they are way more powerful than us. It may be like an Exercise when we go to the gym. It may be hard on you the first time but after that people likely build up a tolerance toward them. This also may explain the feeling that people have reported when being near them , the feeling of being short on breath when near them. They are likely feeling the energy that the aliens emit but they have no way to process it, so it feels oppressive. This may be a way to keep unknown beings down like a defense. but I doubt it is meant as an attack. I also bet that they express them selves this way, from a smile,love, emotions and their position. They likely dont use it to read people minds but as a way of showing their expression to others and it likely increases your intelligence. Imagen flying around in groups in space, they likely know where they all are, this must make them very good pilots. When it comes to morals this must make these aliens the most moral of all races. In our government when a decision is made or in court when a final decision is made, it takes the approval of a group. Well these aliens seem to be all connected to each other and when they make a decision if one of them has a flaw or is under the influence of a negative force, that group mentality likely makes sure that they make very few mistakes and I doubt they do things like abduct people,because that likely violates their system of behavior that is built into their bodies. People reported alien abductions to be coming from these aliens. Although I doubt that they have, they may have made mistakes, there may have been misunderstanding between them and people and there may be a few different races of similar beings. So although I doubt they do that normally. We should always use caution around any alien race until we know for sure. When ever you look up Gray aliens you see the story of the attack by aliens at the Dulce base. People seem to think that the aliens were working with people on genetic projects. I doubt that these aliens want to have anything to do with our genetics but stop us from cloning our selves because cloning is a monster that we should all make sure never happens. When we are born and when we die should never be messed with for more reasons than I can need to type. I think that people who got a hold of lower level alien propulsion used these crafts to abduct women to artificially put sperm into them that has artificially created dna in it. Then they let the baby grow and re abduct the woman to reteive the fetus. Then they wore alien costumes to cover up what they did. They aliens probability found out about this and were [beep] off. They likely tracked down all of these crafts all the people involved and erased them. I would have done the same. I am not 100% sure of this but they may have done our race a huge favor. When I mentioned lower level craft I meant that they likely have higher level ships some of them may be invisible like the famous Nikola Tesla Philidipha project. These people may have been people who got a peak at technology that they weren't capable of making. I think that when it comes to this kind of technology if you cannot prove that you can build it your self or are obviously in the ballpark already, you should not be allowed to work with it, because if one person makes one mistake they can cause monstrosities on another level.

Due to this information I have come to a final conclusion about these Gray aliens is that they are likely more qualified to use higher level space crafts than people because they likely have better judgment than us and likely can save us from doing harm to each other. If this this the case then I bet we can help them too.

Next is the supposed Annunaki alien race that has been appearing all throughout our history. I honestly know very little about this race because whatever it is I hate everything I have ever heard about it. I don't even want to type about it at all so I am going to make my point very short. I think whatever it has been doing to our race was very wrong. I bet that the gray aliens and this aliens hate each other. When I think about both of these races they are the complete apposite. Humans seem to be somewhere in the middle. Because people all have totally different personalities these races may choose to interact with people that have dominate character that suits that race. This race seems to associate with the building of many of the larger pyramids on the planet. These structures were built in places with indigenous people who could not have built these building without the influence of a higher intelligence at least and maybe more advanced technology and that evidence has seem to have vanished as fast an as it a arrived. I have also noticed that the larges of all the pyramids have been built in a place with the lowest technological advances of all people Africa. I also noticed that these people are the most athletic people ever. This must mean that they must have been using people for physical labor. There are pyramids all over the world in every place other than were white people are indigenous. They left a pyramid on earth suggesting that they had taught us a lot about building and this likely made the locals more advanced. This at first glance looks like a friendly build. I doubt it was though. That race of aliens likely used very advanced crafts to get here, and they may not have even made that technology them selves. They may have found a crashed craft and figured out how to use it. They seem like they don't like building things alone they like getting other people to do things for them, I doubt a race like this build space ships like that. This may mean that there is a primitive race of monsters flying around the galaxy and this is exactly why people should never let this technology get in the hands of people who cannot prove that they can already built it. This race may have left a mark on earth saying that we had a friendly but they may have been kidnapping people when ever they needed to build something and when they did they may have been herding us into ships and taking us away somewhere to make things for them, if this is true there may be planets where humans are still enslaved, if this is true, imagine the misery of living on an alien planet and knowing that your their slave on another planet.
Imagen if they cloned people, and they just made clones out of people and used them for slaves and were coving this up.

My final topic is the movie the matrix. I hate that movie. It made a lot of people think that the united states government is run by a bunch of pale faces men in black suits and that we are enslaved by a machine. Some of this may be possible I don't know for sure, but it if is true I bet the Gray aliens don't like it and don't need this machine spreading around the universe and finding the Gray aliens, so personally assume if there is any truth to this, the Gray aliens got rid of it or are going to. Lets stop making [beep] movies and start clearing up the [beep] cage we were forces to build for our selves.

This is all I wanted to talk about, because when I was growing up I had been faced with all sorts of movies ideas and opinions that left me crazy and lost for most of my life, and at this point I feel that if people don't clear up these thing and solve these problems our race may be bound somehow and may never get out, and it may not just be our planet it may be on many planets and if this is true we need to find them.
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Psychics, Visions, Premonitions
Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:05 PM
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Movies, Music, TV, Video Games, Virtual Reality
Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:36 PM
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Introductions and General Discussion
Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:33 PM
zoom these 3 ufos on flash link flash page
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Unidentified Flying Objects
Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:27 AM
I've had my one and only sighting a few years back. I detailed it in a post here. It was a brief orange-bluish flash of light in the night sky. I was with friends, but only one, who was standing next to me, witnessed it. It couldn't have been higher than airplane airspace, but probably higher than helicopter airspace.

And passing aircraft never emit orange light in the place of incidence. Very strange.
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