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Astronomy, Medicine, Science, Technology
2 minutes ago
Stormy, old friend.

The mushrooms that are typically found here "magic mushrooms" etc are also technically poison. I would have to research if they are the same chemical found in the red ones or not. But I think they are. A lot of mushrooms are deadly poisonous, some are mildly poisonous and some of them are hallucinogenic. (You knew that, obviously).

As for Carlos castaneda. Don Juan, etc. I literally read all of his books. Every one of them.

The first few had me enthralled. The very last one, was so far fetched that it lead me to start asking questions. I knew within the first chapter that everything I read before that was bull... he was really fighting to come up with new info and was really stretching the bounds of acceptable "wierdness".

Like.. he talked about he and don Juan went to another guys house and when they got there, he was sitting sideways on a vertical light pole defying gravity, and essentially flew down. And he taught him how to fly too.... (or something).... I think the guy could disappear into thin air too... Stuff like that.

Upon asking these questions and doing some research, I found that by his own quotes, don Juan never actually existed and the things he wrote about were strictly fiction based upon his ideas and ideologies. He used the stories to get his own ideas across.

Further research showed that he was the leader of a sex cult......... no.... seriously....... that was the sole intention of his books.... to start a cult...

He had people so convinced in the nagual, natal and the powers he gathered from mescalito and his datura plant that people joined his sex cult...

He would tell the women that they could gain the power of the nagual by swallowing the seed of a nagual master.... (him)....

Enough said.....

They even had a documentary about it where they interviewed several of his followers after his death. They were still whacked out decades later due to the intensive mind fracking he put them through.... not to mention all of the drugs....

Now.. aside from that... ASIDE from that.... AAASSSIIIIDDDEEEEE from that...

I started doing hallucinogens when I was 16 and I took my last trip when I was 20....

I started doing them BEFORE I read those books, but read them during and following this phase of my life. I read the last book when I was 23.

BEFORE I started reading the books, any time I would take acid, I would find myself at home alone at the end of the night, laying in bed in a medatative state. (You cannot sleep when you're on acid. It's a 24 hour thing...)

Every time, without fail, once my mind was allowed to drift, I began hearing a voice.


It was not my voice, or anyone I knew. Just a generic voice. No accent-no-inflection-no-punctuation-just-talking-at-a-moderately-fast-pace..

It spoke to me, directly into my consciousness for hours, until I came down and could no longer hear it. It literally downloaded the information directly into my memory.

It told me, what I consider to be the secrets of the universe....

I could talk over it and it wouldn't go away. I could recite what it was saying, or I could have a totally different conversation, but it was still talking, like a recording in the background.

It told me things that I do not talk about here, because I have gained a bit of credibility with the type of things which I tend to respond to or write about. However others have in fact posted similar things.

Maybe I will go into some of those things later. But honestly I haven't thought about them for years. I have in fact forgotten more of it than I remember, because it has been so long. I also completely changed my lifestyle and priorities, so left this behind me.

Let's just say that I strongly identified with shamanistic beliefs. I still do to some degree.

With that said. A lot of things that this voice told me, were more or less in the first don Juan book... and when "the matrix" came out, I FLIPPED THE F OUT! Because.. a lot of what that movie insinuated, was, exactly what was being told to me... subsequently, the don Juan book said the same things or similar, and ultimately, scientific theories are now PROVING a lot of these things... multiverse and variations of string theory and all this stuff i definitely didn't learn in highschool in the late 1990's. Scientists are now figuring out what a random voice told me as a teenager. Lol.

Sometimes I will be talking to someone, and a random conversation will arise.. and they will say something.... and I'll say "you've done acid haven't you" "yeah how did you know?"

A lot of people who do these drugs come to similar conclusions on their own without being promoted.

People who do hallucinogens -at the right time and place under the right conditions, have "religious experiences" and their minds are opened to all sorts of knowledge/understanding/perspectives etc that they have never experienced, thought of or heard of. (People who do them for the wrong reasons in the wrong settings have really REALLY bad experiences.. like.... nightmare on elm street meets Alice in wonderland. )

Hallucinogens are called "mind altering drugs" for a reason. They alter your mind and your perception of reality. They used to say "expand your mind".... well.. that just about sums it up.

Once you go down that road... once you expand your mind... you can never come back from that. You will ALWAYS see the world different from that point forward. However, whether that is positively, or negatively, depends upon your perception of the information you are given (provided you are listening for it and accept it while its happening).


I am not condoning drug use, I'm not condoning the use of hallucinogens.... I would never do them again as an adult closer to 40. I am not trying to glorify it either.

I am strictly expressing my own experiences. I have known several others who were not so lucky with their experiences, had horrible trips, and I know others who permanently destroyed their brains and are schizophrenic AND bi-polar, generally not able to function in society etc FOR LIFE from hallucinogens.

Furthermore not everyone has the intellectual capacity to handle the information or the experience. I'm not saying I am smarter or more intellectual than anyone else, but I AM saying, not everyone can handle it. Whatever or whoever you are normally is amplified. Depressed people go into deep dark holes. Happy people run and play in the streets and get arrested. If you are typically a loud and obnoxious party animal and get a hold of some hallucinogens, you are PROBABLY going to wind up handcuffed to a hospital bed before going to jail, because you'll start screaming nonsense in a public area making an [beep] out of yourself and drawing unwanted attention. Then arrested....

Plus, today, most of the hallucinogens are made from cheap Chinese chemicals that are analogs to the original drugs, some of which are rat poison, fertilizers, etc. There are ZERO safe synthetic drugs today. And most of the natural hallucinogens have HORRIFIC side effects. Almost all of them include insane amounts of vomit.

I did it for the reason of mind expansion. My friends who did them for recreation and did them way too often, generally screwed themselves up and broke their brains.

But... people have done hallucinogens for shamanistic and religious reasons since pre-history. More than likely since before we were even classified as humans.

In fact they may very well be one of the reasons that we evolved a human consciousness in the first place and became "intelligent /intellectual" or whatever word you would use to describe humans as different from other animals, though no studies have ever been done to prove this (nor would it be possible) and that is strictly my opinion.
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Demons, Ghosts, Spirits, Angels, Poltergeists
15 minutes ago
hey guys, I just let you people that I made a server that the paranormal topic on Haunted Dolls, we chat, discuss anything on the subject.
feel free to join in ..
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Introductions and General Discussion
41 minutes ago
Social network spy #1

Social networking platforms such as facebook and twitter or instagram are number one to spy on you and get a precise profiling. Everything is there! And they can choose wich individual to spy easelly because a lot of people share personal story or photo and even videos. Some people will use the chat system and get private informations to travel in the telecommunication network. It is a spy nest! I k ow for sure a lot of cops actually hunt some specific type of criminal on social network...

They can have available apps such as community games that you use your profile to connect and play and with that they can learn a lot about you and qhere or when to use technological manipulation for a proper mind control. Facebok is the worst and basically the first version was not meant to be a social network but a data collection platform but wasn't buy neither by CIA or NSA so it was reformed to a social network.
16 1,062 Read More
Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
Yesterday at 10:37 PM
Did they find me yet?
4 1,589 Read More
Religion, Paganism, Spirituality
Yesterday at 10:37 PM
Originally Posted by Shark

A god is not a god if it can't do everything, and I mean really everything!
Only a god can destroy itself and never come back.

Contradictory statements.

If a God has to be able to do literally everything, then it can kill itself and never return... but if it can't return, then it is not a god. Therefore a God cannot kill itself in a way to where it cannot return.... which also means it is not a god...

Was that your point? Because it is a good point, and has often been a philosophical debate for a few thousand years... nothing new here.... another is:

If God can do anything, then, can he make a rock so heavy that even he can't lift it?

If he can't make an object so heavy that he cannot lift it, then he is not god... if he can make an object so heavy that he cant lift it; since god can do anything, he is also not God.

But that one is easily debunked.

Since God can do anything, God could make a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it. But then create another universe under the first universe, and lift the first universe where the rock resides, from outside. thereby not lifting the rock AND lifting the rock at the same time. Therefore god.... haha.

Same with death.

He could kill himself to where he could never return, but create an alternate reality outside of this reality where he could return and both die and return at the same time. Therefore god....


if God did wipe himself out from our reality and could not return, then there would be a fixed point in time and space where it happened.
He cannot return after the point he died.

But he could return any time before he died, and could resurrect and not ever come back, at the same time... because god...

But. That does not prove the existence of God to me. It just proves how our imaginations work and how we can problem solve and rationalize random arguments with other random arguments.

It also proves to me that people care way too much and put too much thought into b.s.

I can come up with a thousand logical reasons why God does not exist..I can think of zero logical reasons why God does exist... however, it is always met with backlash. I learned my lesson about typing that stuff here. To me, this is not an anti-god forum. This is a paranormal and alien forum. And I think debunking God would be better suited on an atheist forum. Therefore I stopped doing that here. Aside from the random comment anyway....
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Mind Control, Behavioral Sciences, Social Engineering
Yesterday at 10:23 PM
yeah, Frankie85 I agree. She actually looked more like a housewife than someone who has knowledge about all those things.....

I guess she might published to openly a lot of things....made interviews and so on....thats why they killed her in 2015......
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Forum Announcements and Help
Yesterday at 07:43 PM
Different mask
12 277 Read More
Personal Stories and Experiences
Yesterday at 07:29 PM
0 13 Read More
Personal Stories and Experiences
Yesterday at 06:09 PM
Message to humanity: the thing is very important!

I have the answer to all your questions!

We are approaching a period of recognition of our posthumous life.

Life is not just a waste of time in the physical body, then dying.

Remember that your life continues with the beginning of a constant time.

With the proper logic of thinking, I live another life in another physical body.

I live forever - I use the physical bodies of the Earth -

I allow the physical body to know me.

My source is the fifth dimension - The round light of fast maneuvers in the night sky is my means of transport - My mission is mediation between life and death -

All I tell you is 100% real.
34 4,673 Read More
Area 51 and Other Military Bases
Yesterday at 06:02 PM
Originally Posted by Shark
Even if they had alien technology. They would not be able to reverse engineer it. It would be the same as to go back in time and give a Tesla car to the people in the knight age!

You would require an entire headquarters of alien technology if you would want to replica their spaceship! You would build hundreds of facilities and assembly plants just to be able to build more advanced facilities and assembly plants. That process could take 100 years with a cost of several trillions of dollars. And only then you would be able to actually build their spaceship!

Area 51 is very most likely just a boring weapon research base. So don't expect a hug from Area 51 if you invade it! Technology leaks could cause millions of deaths.

So if I were you, I'd stay away from it! It's simply not worth it! Area 51 got so popular because of that incident back then. I'm most certain that there are much more awesome bases in the world than Area 51!

The problem I have with the show "ancient aliens" is that they always say "there is no way they could have had this, known this, understood this, figured this out, etc - without aliens. "

I give humans a little more credit than that.

When we put money, a team, resources and a deadline on something, we tend to figure things out pretty quickly. And it only takes 1 realization to be able to unravel the next one.

So, given a near unlimited black budget, the smartest scientists on the planet and SEVENTY ONE years since roswell........ I'm sure they have AT LEAST how to turn the overhead lights on...

Plus, reportedly, one if the aliens survived, so.... they could just as easily tell us "there is the switch".

That is - completely circumventing any potential argument or theory that aliens themselves, have been in communication with us and are working with the gov etc.

However... I DO agree with the very first sentance you wrote.

"Even if they did have alien technology".....

But I would then follow that with "they would have moved it decades ago and area 51 does not have it..." especially considering everyone in the world knows that area 51 exists, even if the government still officially denies it.

Anyplace that you can see, clear as day on Google maps... is a very poor candidate for a place to store alien space craft.

With that said. The B2, the f117 and U2 were all developed and test flown there. All of those were made before Google maps, when most people thought area 51 was a conspiracy theory.
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Astronomy, Medicine, Science, Technology
Yesterday at 05:28 PM
The sun's energy is not compressed in the way you are thinking.

There are different types of energy, and we experience those energies in different ways.

The sun is mostly made of hydrogen.

As a star, the immense gravity (gravity is 1 form of energy), compressed the hydrogen molecules. The more you Compress molecules together, the hotter they become (kinetic energy).

Due to the large mass of the sun, and the gravity within it, these hydrogen molecules begin to fuse (nuclear fusion. Another energy) into helium. When these atoms fuse together, they emit protons (light). The protons eventually make their way to the surface, and radiate into space (sun light).

Sometimes when a star forms, some of the excess gas coalesces into gas planets. (Like jupiter, saturn, neptune) . The ONLY reason that, jupiter for example, is not another star, is because it never gathered enough material to have enough mass or gravity to ignite. The sun ate most of it. If all of our gas planets were combined, it wouldn't have been enough to form a binary star.

The point is, the sun is compressed but the compression has little to nothing to do with the formation of subsequent stars.

When the universe was formed, there were initially super giant stars which are magnitudes larger than most of the stars we see today. These stars form quickly, and explode.

Hydrogen fuses into helium. The helium then fuses into carbon. Carbon cannot easily be fused by means of nuclear fusion. Super large stars did fuse carbon into heavier elements but most of the stars we see now, cannot. They are not big enough. Once there is too much carbon, the star explodes (super nova). The violence of this explosion, creates literally every other element on the periodic scale of elements.

What REMAINS after a super nova, is the huge clump of carbon and other heavier elements that the star was fusing together. The violence of the explosion starts the object spinning at an insane speed. Some black holes have been shown to rotate at 84% of the speed of light!..

This creates super gravity.

When things near the black hole, they are literally ripped apart at the atomic level and spread over the surface of the black hole. (Which would be the flattest surface in existance)

If is theorized that it would be possible to read a black hole like a cassette tape and that essentially they are data storage devices. Except they store molecules instead of digital data.

None of this has any bearing on the creation of new stars.

The only time a black hole is directly associated with forming new stars, is when the black hole is inside a nebula, and is the sole reason for the nebula existing, and is holding the nebula together... in which case, the nebula itself creates several, smaller stars from the one larger star that exploded.

Super massive black holes are part of what keeps galaxies together. The superb massive black holes do not spit out stars. The gasses surrounding it, do.

As for how super massive black holes are formed, that is a different story altogether and.. honestly, no one really knows.

When people started theorizing about black holes, they assumed they were like big tests or holes or... bathroom sink drains, sucking matter out of the universe. That is what most people think, even today.

Because of this, "white hole" theory came about. What goes in one side has to come out the other side.. unfortunately we have never once found a white hole.... because... black holes are objects that gather mass. Not a tears in spacetime. Black holes and wormholes are different things. No one has proven wormholes though, and wormholes don't create stars either.

We had a whole argument on a different thread about this, but maybe I'm doing a better job of explaining it here.

If not...... I don't know what else to say.

But I guarantee I won't be sucked into another argument on this thread.
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Astronomy, Medicine, Science, Technology
Yesterday at 04:00 PM
I use Google sky map to find things but it is lacking a lot of information. You cant click on an object and automatically find info about it. It is also limited to what we can see from earth in an open field at night.

I used to have a computer software called starry night, which did all sorts of cool stuff. You could move throughout space and find different perspectives, speed up or slow down time, forward or reverse, and it had millions of stars and galaxies in it. I have no idea if it still exists.that was several years ago now. And it was for the computer. But it did have a lot of info about the objects in it without having to Google them.

Aside from that.. research is done on google.... sorry... like it or not, Google is one of a few search engines and is definitely the largest, with the most information.
7 170 Read More
Astronomy, Medicine, Science, Technology
Yesterday at 02:26 PM
They know that the universe is expanding because of several factors.

Synthia touched on a few.

Hubbell discovered this.

Then the hubbell telescope basically confirmed it, then more math and other theories further solidified it. It's now understood that the universe is expanding. What is NOT understood full, is why it is expanding.

And it isnt just expanding, it is accelerating.

We can find distances pretty easily using basic geometry.
We can tell how far a celestial object is, the same way we can tell how high an airplane is. Its basic math... albeit the numbers could be huge, if you were trying to figure out how many CM away alpha centaur is.

Hubbell found that almost every galaxy was moving away from us except for a very small few. Andromeda being one of them. Which btw is among the closest to us. We are on a collision course.

Red shift is another way that they can tell. Objects moving closer to us are more blue, because the light is being compacted. Objects moving away are more red.

It is exactly the same thing as when a car with a loud engine passes you, it sounds higher pitched then "NNNYYYOOOoommmmm" and sounds lower as it passes you. Or a car horn as it passes you. Etc. The sound waves are compressing when coming towards you. They are being pulled when the car has passed. The waves are shorter or longer. Light is a wave in this case (vs a particle) and follows the same rules as sound. The only difference between sound, x-ray, gamma ray, light etc are the frequencies they vibrate at.

As per the other thread that I posted on, the universe is not currently infinite. It is growing and will grow for trillions and trillions of years with no real end in sight...mathematical infinity. But eventually it will be finite and will stop growing. But as I said in another post of my own, eventually, everything within the universe will degrade and the atoms will pop out if existence and there literally WILL be nothing.... There will be no matter or dark matter and the universe will be your definition of nothing.

But you are right in the sense that we cannot see the edges therefore cannot test the size of the universe. But we know how fast it expanded to where we are, we know how fast it is expanding, we know how fast it is accelerating and we know the time in which it has been growing, therefore we know approximately how bit if is and how big it will be at whatever timeframes we choose to calculate it. Math DOES work -that- way.

We can only see as far, as the light we have received from the furthest objects in space.

We can see where it started and have damn near pinpointed the big bang, and can literally see it up to a few hours of where it started. Possibly closer. I haven't researched that for a while. But we can see it smoldering!

But we can't see the same distance in the opposite direction, because light from the galaxies have not reached us yet. To see 14.6 billion light years out into open space, would take 14.6 billion years for the light to reach us. Right?
Nope... from the center, yes.. from the outer reaches? No.. light from the edges will NEVER reach us. The expansion of the universe is happening FASTER than light can travel. Anything past 14.5 gigaparsecs from us, will never be seen by human eyes. Much less, traveled to, even using FTL, because the universe is constantly accelerating. We would have to go outside of our universe, and pop back into our universe at a different point ,and still couldn't catch up even then.

We can only see 13.3 billion light years give or take, into the expansion. Whereas we can see 14.6 towards the galactic center. And yes... we have proven that the galaxy has a center and that everything we can see radiates out from that point. If you backtrack, all of the stuff floating in space, came from that origin point.

This doesn't prove the big bang, but proves that every object in space came from a singularity approximately 14.6billion years ago and exploded outwards at an impossible rate of speed with no real rhyme or reason, and for some reason is speeding UP not slowing down...

We will call that the pig pang theory....

Like I said. That part has been proven. Now we are trying to figure out why the universe is speeding up.. not slowing down...

The expansion of the universe, expands faster than light itself. We don't know why or how.... yet...

Probably because god... at least until further notice...
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Introductions and General Discussion
Yesterday at 02:06 PM
Well, Newton was kinda right about gravity having a instant effect on somehing else, while Einstein himself was metally stuck with nothing moving faster than the speed of light, because like our will is instant, it has a instant effect on our body, yes even faster than the speed of light, so with that in mind, can something in empty space move faster than the speed of light? Yes actually, if it`s pushed from something, what can this something be? Well, when for example something explodes the sound and destroyed mass moves at the speed of light and the shock waves but there`s a effect from that explosion which moves mass faster than the speed of light, that is just one example, it`s not described fully yet, while black matter being non real there`s still this effect from for example explosions, it`s a outward pushing that effects you instantly and while parallell universes and the string theory being non real also you can explain alot of things happeing in the universe by this pushing effect and when the universe was being formed by a sort of explosion, everything moved faster than the speed of light also
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Astronomy, Medicine, Science, Technology
Yesterday at 01:31 PM
I mean... I get what shark was trying to say, but nothing he said was overly profound. Infinity is boundless and nothingness doesnt exist. Etc. I've summed it up a few times in this thread.

1. But where I differ is that this universe did have a beginning and will have an end, in the mathematical sense of infinity. 2. Whereas, existence, has always been; the other meaning of infinity.

I don't find that a difficult concept to grasp... nor do Christians.

Take sentence (2) and replace "existance" with "god" and we are all holding hands and singing kumbaya.

And once again I summed it up in 2 sentences.
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Movies, Music, TV, Video Games, Virtual Reality
Yesterday at 07:21 AM
hey, I forgot all about this one you posted Xeno.....'s one of my favorite ones...great song...

[Linked Image]
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Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
Yesterday at 06:05 AM

[Linked Image]

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Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
Yesterday at 04:30 AM
Originally Posted by Xeno
Transformation tongue

Same thing laugh
12 76 Read More
Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:02 PM
We will miss you Bob ...but you are at a better place now...may the good spirits always stay with you...I will always have you in good memorie and wont forget everything you shared with us......

6 165 Read More
Knowledge Base and Resources
Fri Oct 19, 2018 8:21 PM
I wrotte a journal entry

I updated with a news
11 1,251 Read More
Mind Control, Behavioral Sciences, Social Engineering
Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:15 PM
7 1,769 Read More
Introductions and General Discussion
Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:55 PM
Originally Posted by Xeno
In january 2010 It was the official activation and then I was cut off and I moved to the town that was going to be prepared for the main project. I got in this town July 1st 2010 and there was a two year preparation in wich I was only a tv show like in the movie ''The truman show''. So I am pretty sure the brainwash officially started in 2012.

Even if the active project for me was only a few months (august 2014 to february 2013 aproximatly) the timer are starting from Fall 2009 for a ten years project that would end in fall 2019 in wich the new prepared trained team will take control of the mind control network and operate. It will be a major event because the world is going to switch on something else about that technology.

Sorry august 2014 - february 2015 not 2013
10 391 Read More
Introductions and General Discussion
Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:39 PM
The alien Disclosure Network is a forum, a community, a familly and a home for anyone that wants to share or disclose their informations and stories. Here you are welcomed to talk about UFO, aliens and paranormal the way you want. It is a network where we are free to speak our mind and share our opinions and beliefs. We do not believe in censoring anyone because this is the opposite of a disclosure. You can feel free and safe to writte your vision or knowledge of any related phenomenom of the website. The only thing asked is not to break rules and code of conduct. It is pretty simple: Do not call names, do not insult or negativelly provoque a user, do not sollicitate for money (for the network) and stay cool and chill. Here it is a network where nice people share and express themselves respecting other users or anonymus posters beliefs and reality. As long as you do not hurt or target someone meaning to damage someone else experience you are fine to share whatever story you want about related subject to the forum.

We all are the alien disclosure and this is our network

I personally don't travel through forums directory. I only look at the main feed where newest activities show. Since I think many other people does the same I will here writte a reminder about my story so if new users or visitors come by they will see a personal thread that is making the way to my writting then I do not have to answer questions hundreds time or repeat my story over and over, again and again. So I will bring back in the main feed my story and informations I disclosed about aliens and technologicl activities

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Xeno's introduction

My introduction in the forum

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Xeno the alien

Talking about my personal website

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

The incident

Talking about the crash in Roswell 1947

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

My situation

Talking of my situation using different words

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Mind control

Talking of mind control technology (Psychotronic and electromagnetic)

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

A strange story

Talking of my experience with reptilians

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Time travel

Talking a little bit of time travel

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

What is hurting

Just saying what is hurting me

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

What is important

Just saying what is important to me

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Reality perception

Talking about reality perception

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

The show

Talking about the alien reality show

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Vision of apocalypse

Talking about some people that had vision of apocalypse from aliens

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Monkey brain

Talking about aliens being humans

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Wondrous place

Talking about planet Earth

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

The show up

Alien show up

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Contacting aliens

How to contact some aliens through their surveillance network

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

To listen

What I think of people listening or not

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Aliens I know

Talking about the aliens I know

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Where to be

Talking about dimensional locations

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===


Talking about a few type of abductions

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===


Where he is now that we got him

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Cryogenic sleep

Talking about cryogenic sleep

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Clone business

Talking about a few type of clones

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Alien vs extraterrestrial

What WE (aliens and ET) mean

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Alien knowledge?

Talking about knowledge and alien being

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Cosmos and cosmic being

Talking about it, especially what I am, a cosmic larva

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Monsters or not

Some aliens are monsters or not?

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

Affirming my alien being

I did for myself...

=== === === === === === === === === === === === ===

My alien mission

I tell what I do as an alien being human

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Random talk

Just some random talk for killing time

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Some stories

Some stories I have been through

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A little kindness


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Getting better

Important to get closer to aliens

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Music inspiration

Some music inspiring me to be alien

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I hope this will help interested people not to have to search up my username to read me or to give new user a kickstarter to follow what I will writte next. This is to make easier for me and for you!!

If you read one of the clicked link reply in the linked thread not in this thread. Except if you found a thread that is not here but could be relevant then you could post or let me know.

Here some information to contact my personal website
Yokor Xzetof on facebook
Xeno Qc on youtube
Xeno#7143 on discord

That should be fine for a reminder so please if your have read something and you have questions or wonder read those threads before jumping on a conclusion. Each of them has a different piece of my puzzle!

Thank you very much!
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Bug Reports and Feedback
Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:32 PM
Originally Posted by Xeno
Originally Posted by Shark
I also don't seem to be able to upload an avatar. Win 10 here

You have to make 100 posts to unlock this feature

Oh I see! Ok let me spam trough! Just kidding!
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Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:08 PM
It's about the context and who is telling the story! Smallville truly was a genius tv series!
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